This one just made me smile! I loved every single video!
1) Only saw 1 car stop
2) …and I thought Virgin Air had a good pre-flight routine – this one has it beat!
3) Thriller! Nobody can top that!
4) Wedding classic tune!
Happy Hump Day!

making eyes at you (0_o)

Yes, as a Filipino I can attest to the fact that we love to dance. Is that a stereotype? Maybe, but more often than not stereotypes do come from a truth. All you have to do is look at the evidence below to see that I’m not lying.

Why am I talking about Filipinos and dancing? So this morning I watched an awesome video of a Filipino traffic cop getting his Billy Jean on! [below]

2 things about this video:

1) Is he even managing traffic or is he just dancing in the middle of the road?

2) Isn’t that dangerous? I thought he was going to moonwalk himself into someone’s windshield a couple times.

So before you starting thinking that he’s one of a kind and Filipinos aren’t like that, here’s another one of my favorites. A flight attendant on a Filipino airline. [below]

She’s so cute! and dancy!

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