Blogging rides up on my butt every night threatening to run me over and derail me. Recently back working again, I haven’t retained the mental space to prepare a prominent idea cultivated while wandered during the day – and I don’t want to blog about my work as I’d love for it to transform into a permanent opportunity. Not to mention that I’m not truly wandering if I already mapped out my route beforehand. Blogging steals large chunks of my day, but leave me feeling more fulfilled, productive, and centered, despite the chaos it creates in the rest of my universe.


If only I had a dog to lick plates clean…

1) DISHES – Oh stop, I do them, just not at night like I used to. I admit to using paper plates and plastic utensils occasionally for a special dish-free treat!

The pile used to be flat and wrinkle-free.

2) LAUNDRY – I wash it, dry it, lay it out so it won’t wrinkle, (because if I ain’t a-folding, I’m definitely not ironing). I used to fold while watching DVD’s guilt-free but…

I refused to send it back unwatched…

3) DVDs – I’ve  gone from a super efficient Netflix user watching 2 discs a week to holding onto my motivational DVD for the last 6 weeks so far only half-watched.

Except this one that makes a great coaster.

4) READING – My books haven’t moved from the spot where I brought them home.

5) SLEEP – Because I start my blog so late, I don’t get done til the wee hours – fortunately I do well with small sleep and venti coffees!

6) SURFING – This former title-winnning Timesuck of social media and pinning pretty pictures now falls into a new category titled “research.”


1) BREAKS – Using stop light breaks, or coffee breaks to sit still with myself leaves my office behind and myself more open to noticing things that could be potential topics.

More fun than rubberbands everywhere you turn.            Where are my googley eyes?

2) CREATIVITY – Finding fun new ways to do something help keep that side of my brain open and active.

3) MOVEMENT – Creative juices just flow faster when the blood pumps as you breathe deeply.

4) MUSIC – Certain groups do it for me where I listen to their stuff and ideas pour from my head.


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  1. AlohaKarina
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 19:28:10

    For me, a drive in the car–by myself, no kids–really gets me thinking. So does a long shower…although, again, not when kids are demanding attention at the door!


    • Sarah Harris
      Feb 29, 2012 @ 20:46:25

      Good call, I’ll try to think of ideas in the car! Tune out the sometimes funny but often annoying talk radio and let the voices in my head talk! Thanks for wandering through AlohaKarina!


      • AlohaKarina
        Feb 29, 2012 @ 22:22:05

        You bet. I didn’t realize that about the car until I had a 90 minute drive to the Boston Globe the other day, and as I drove (listening to my favorite music) I had so many brainstorms, I ended up recording them on my cellphone so I wouldn’t lose them. I voice-texted my best friend and made her promise that, when I’m struggling for inspiration, she should tell me to go for a drive. 🙂

      • Sarah Harris
        Feb 29, 2012 @ 23:16:46

        I’ve definitely recorded messages on answering machines or the phone voice recorders before – works great! Thank you!!

  2. violetsandcardamom
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 10:34:00

    This post made me chuckle a bit because the “things removed from your day” list looks a lot like what mine would be. I too don’t often start on a post until late in the evening so that results in going to bed late which leads to lots and lots of coffee in the morning. 🙂


    • Sarah Harris
      Mar 03, 2012 @ 11:19:46

      I saw a “facebook poster” that said “Caffeine is a vitamin!” I definitely get my daily dose!
      This morning my dishes are done and I’ve had coffee – I’m ahead of the game for once!


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