As if this song wasn’t in your head enough – a delicious twist!

Sean Korea

Hey all,

I thought this up a few minutes ago and wanted somewhere to post this in public. I don’t usually post this sort of stuff on my blog, but I thought it was funny and thought a few people might enjoy it.  Weird Al Yankovic, if you want to use this, you are more than welcome to it.  I’ll sue anyone else who tries to make this into a song without giving me credit for the lyrics.  That said, enjoy!

“Some Zombie That I Used to Know”

Now and then I think of when you weren’t infected,
When you were dead but then you opened up your eyes.
I told myself that you’d be kind to me,
You were still my friend so far as I could see,
But then you groaned and it’s a sound I still remember.

You can get addicted to a certain kind of organ.

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