When news of Tiger Woods’ car accident broke in 2009, the world worried about this world-class golfer. Was he drunk? Hurt? Could he still play? Did it cost him his career?

Tiger's crash split open more than his bumper

Tiger’s crash split open more than his bumper

At the time, he was the highest-paid athlete of any sport earning around $100 million annually to represent or promote brands like Accenture; AT&T; his PGA Tour Golf game; Gillette; Nike; Gatorade; TLC Laser Eye Centers; and Golf Digest. He appeared to be an ideal celebrity spokesperson.

Be like Tiger!

Be like Tiger!

His social attractiveness was contagious since he loves his mom while his dad taught him golf as a toddler.  He represented hope for many as a realistic success story as someone who aggressively yet calmly pursues dreams.  His megawatt smile highlighted a face everyone loved.

When Tiger smiles, the world smiles with him

When Tiger smiles, the world smiles with him

Married, with children, to gorgeous Elin Nordegren, he seemed untainted by celebrity.  Tiger’s intelligence and intense concentration on the green, with his charming sense of humor, convinced us of his trustworthy good will.

Tiger does it again!

Tiger does it again!

Then we learned Tiger’s good willie sinking hole in ones along the PGA tour sparked the argument resulting in the crash.  He quickly lost control of his image as unrelenting scandal built daily. Tiger was caged.

Tiger's reveals his true stripes - some of them

Tiger’s reveals his true stripes – some of them

Supporting fans shielded Tiger, insisting that his private life is not our business.  However, his image is what businesses banked on so when the scandal grew quickly to unreasonable levels, they pulled out.  Some threatened breach of contract. Accenture, a technology consulting firm and golf tournament sponsor, was first to leave, others followed – including Elin.

Accenture took their green with them

Accenture took their green with them

Tiger lost his family, property and about $180 Million in cancelled sponsorships. He rendered himself insignificant by temporarily withdrawing from the sport. Ouch! But, what about the companies he promoted?

It gets worse?!

It gets worse?!

Would you believe if I told you the companies wound up losing $12 Billion! With a B! Thanks to an immediate dive in stocks and such, the drop was significant.


WTF: Will Tiger Fall!

Now, Tiger’s back, but has he changed his stripes?  Some sponsors gave him a mulligan, while others refuse.  His financial portfolio rebuilds quickly, having received close to $65 million in endorsements in 2013. Meanwhile, the sponsors’ companies continue to recover.

Tiger is back on the greens

Tiger is back on the greens

Does this change how you view the Paula Deen fallout? Did golf need a scandal for increased interest?




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