Julie Taymor and other creative minds share how they start their incredibly unique works

I’m always fascinated by how people take all the ideas that swim around them constantly and bring them together into a beautiful piece of work!

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Julie Taymor, the director behind Frida, Across the Universe and the Broadway reimagining of The Lion King, creates productions that tickle the senses. Filled with saturated colors, offbeat imagery, stacatto movement and big sound — each of her productions shares her unique style, yet manages to be completely distinct.

[ted_talkteaser id=1801]In today’s talk, Taymor shares with raw honesty the creative struggle that goes into each of her works, including the super-sized Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Given just before Taymor split from the production over creative direction, she reveals what she was hoping to achieve with the play — a “comic book coming alive” in three dimensions all around the audience.

But perhaps even more interestingly for any creative person, Taymor describes in this talk how she begins each project.

“I start with the notion of the ideograph,” she explains. “An ideograph is a Japanese…

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