The Dallas Safari Club wants to save Black Rhinos with this auction.

The Dallas Safari Club wants to save
Black Rhinos with an auction to hunt one.

If you haven’t heard, a famous Texan hunter, Corey Knowlton, paid $350,000 to hunt an endangered black rhino in Nambia. I’m guessing your initial reaction includes: RAGE that someone would consider killing an animal from a species with only 5,000 members worldwide; SADNESS that an animal’s life is a prize; HOPE that this bidder paid to pardon the rhino and keep another hunter from killing him.  From Knowlton’s Facebook page and his interviews, he’s looking forward to the challenge.

Corey Knowlton

Corey Knowlton

Before you make Corey the hunted, let’s check out his MOTIVE beyond the once-in-a-lifetime prize.  He makes a case for the fact that:

A) This money goes to the Nambian government to help conserve the 1,700 black rhinos they care for.

B) The government singles out older rhinos that have become a threat to the rest of the herd as the ones that are “suitable” to kill.

C) The animal meat will be donated to local Nambian’s and the hide will be preserved by Knowlton.

D) His kill, he claims, would be faster than fighting to near-death only to have lions or wild dogs finish the job

WTF: Wrinkly Tender-tough face!

WTF: Wrinkly Tender-tough face!

Here’s why I don’t totally buy that:

A)   Why not just make a donation to the Nambian government? Period.

B)   It’s hard to believe that a hunter with the challenging kills that he’s done (according to Facebook pictures) would settle for an older, probably slower rhino.  Or they’re just spinning the truth because he says repeatedly how much danger he’ll be in hunting such a rhino.

C)   While meat will be donated, the hide and head will be in Knowlton’s house.

D)   I don’t know how accurate his shot is but I can’t imagine the kill will be without suffering.

Nature is truly amazing!

Nature is truly amazing!

True, I’m not a hunter. I suppose I am sometimes ok with it if people hunt with cross-bows for food, not for trophies. I’m totally creeped out by taxidermummified animals.

But, people! Under no circumstances is it ok to bombard him and his family – his children! – with death threats over this. Haven’t we learned that when you get all crazy people will just dismiss your rant as, well, crazy!  Find a more intelligent way to make the world better.

Shooting the Rhino with a camera would be a bucket list item!

http://www.causes.com had a petition to stop the permit to hunt but sadly, it was put through. On a positive note, it created a lot more awareness for the plight of the black rhinos. 

NOTE:  Obviously this is a heated topic and I welcome your thoughts, but if you comment on this post, I ask that you please remain respectful. Any threatening comments will not be published.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jeremiah
    Jan 20, 2014 @ 22:02:28

    Older rhinos tend to be more aggressive which is why the hunt is dangerous, these are massive animals, and they will still be in the African wilderness which no matter how prepared you are is dangerous, As far as everyone’s comment saying if he believes so much in conservation he should just give away the money (every news coverage I’ve read has said this) but how silly a question is that, people that give to charity get tax deductions, the pope wears gold, the president lives in an awesome house. Everyone does and should get something for giving, especially if giving means you just spent 350000 to help keep an endangered species alive, he gets to hunt an Animal not many men get even a chance for a chance to hunt. You are one of the few that spoke out against the death threats on this man’s family. If you’ve read some of these comments it’s easy to see that it’s wrong and evil and ungodly. And if you’ve posted these threats or added to the hate and supported this hate of a man and his family you should be ashamed


    • Sarah Harris
      Jan 20, 2014 @ 22:24:29

      Thank you for wandering by Jeremiah! It is crazy how bold people get when posting “anonymously” or with the perceived barrier of cyberspace between them and their subject but yes, people get so nasty and they should be ashamed, but they’re usually not!
      I like your examples of the president in his awesome house and such, but I personally don’t believe that everyone who makes huge donations expects something beyond a “thank you” and the knowledge that they’re making the world a better place, and, yes, perhaps that tax-deduction. I work for a university and people make donations like that all the time without like expecting sideline seats to the sporting games. Thank you for wandering by and I hope to see you round these parts again soon!


      • Jeremiah
        Jan 20, 2014 @ 23:30:51

        oh course not everyone who donates expects something, i would say most don’t but these incentives are placed for a reason. i live in Dallas and happen to know someone who is friends with the Knowltons, they speak very highly of Corey and say he is one of the nicest people they know. lots people love to hunt and I’m sure would love to hunt a rhino because they believe in their way they are helping to keep the species going. It’s a tragedy that his family and kids are being threatened and how the media to handling the controversy is beyond a tragedy, it seems to me they are providing more support to these disgusting people who have said such things as wanting to skin and burn his children. the bigger story is how we should stop people from acting this way, to me the rhino is a side note to that. there are worse thing than an old rhino being shot for sport happening in Africa at the moment, and the rest of the world, and obviously there are worse things happening in America too. I can’t imagine the constant fear he must be going through for his wife and children. I’m sick with worry for them and I don’t even know them. I hope people can start spreading a different message than hate and I hope him and his family remain safe

      • Sarah Harris
        Jan 21, 2014 @ 00:30:24

        Yes, the media makes everything into shocking news to stir up emotions and their ratings and people react based on the one skewed perspective without trying to see the bigger picture. You are so right about the threats being the bigger story. Cyber bullying is unacceptable!

  2. Thestrugglershandbook
    Jan 21, 2014 @ 10:00:43

    It doesn’t sound like the term “hunt” is applicable here. If this rhino has been singled out already, they must know where he is. Intrinsically, the term implies that the animal must be sought out and, as a result, there exists a chance that it might get away. Not so here; might as well put a blindfold on it and stick a cigarette in its mouth. As for the threats, sounds like he’s being targeted without benefit of being able to defend himself….kinda like the rhino. Wrong is wrong in both cases.


    • Sarah Harris
      Jan 21, 2014 @ 18:12:12

      Thanks for wandering by! I’m not sure if it’s one rhino or there could be a crash (herd) of older rhinos. I have no idea. Great parallels! Thanks for dropping in!


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