I’m knocking on wood and rubbing rabbit’s feet that since I’m answering this question in writing, the laws of attraction won’t bring me a big challenge to test my sincerity.   I don’t ever like to say things against people like swearing on their lives and such.  It’s not that I’m a liar, it’s just that I don’t feel like someone’s else’s life is mine to use to swear on.  So to dream up a scenario where I have to imagine breaking the law, as my loved one’s only chance of survival, makes me super uncomfortable, as if I’m tempting fate.


Healing Heart

So, the answer is – it depends.  I absolutely confirm that there are two incidences where I’ve ignored traffic signals for the safety of my college girls and me.  Once, returning to campus, we got off a few exits too early in the wee hours.  We were lost in South Central and made the executive decision to cry if we had to if pulled over.  [For the record: That is not a guaranteed method of escaping tickets – in fact it’s never worked for me.] Another time was the first morning after the LA Riots started and as many girls as could fit in my Sentra and I were fleeing to San Diego.  On the way to the freeway a huge mob of people tore down the street and while they appeared to be heading towards a shop, we weren’t taking any chances so when the coast was clear we leaped across the road, home free!

Have I driven too fast getting one of us to the ER? Yes!

Did I park in the closer handicapped spots? No.

Do I realize that if I am speeding along that I increase the odds of fender benders. Yes.

If I knew my special someone would die without a kidney transplant, would I bump their name up to the top or buy a kidney on the black market? No.

I suppose the invisible line would be the separation between misdemeanors and harsher crimes.  I would do whatever it took to save loved ones.  But perhaps I’m being too literal.  Bottom line, I’d never intentionally harm another to save my family.


I have to believe the soul would not want us breaking laws.


The cashier swore these tickets would win!

Winning a million dollars isn’t truly a million dollars. First, calculate cash up front brings it down to $500,000, then paying 50% taxes reduces it to $250,000 – no, I wouldn’t quit my job.

What I would do – all or some of these until I’ve spent $250,000:

1)    Invest half

2)    Put a down payment on a house

3)    Rescue a dog or two

4)    Buy Disneyland annual passes

5)    Ride the Pacific Surfliner from San Diego to the northern-most part

6)    Disney cruise to Bahamas

With investing half, and not touching it, the money could grow quickly into college funds for my kids.  It would afford me more flexibility in where I’d work since I currently follow a 7-year plan to work at one of two private universities in my area to earn my children free tuition.  It’d afford me to take regular summer vacations, big or small, to build family memories.  What does your “Win a million list” have on it?

Money doesn't make the world go around... experiences do.

For a character comparison, let’s ponder winning the lottery that I actually bought a ticket for.  I limit myself from becoming a problem gambler by only playing the large lottery drawings for $100 million and above – as if winning 7 million ISN’T worth its weight in gold.  I know my odds fall from “Not even” to “Never in a million years!” with this strategy.  If I won the $241 million Mega Lottery – cash up front brings it down to $120.5, then 50% for taxes reduces it again to $60.25 million. Yes, I would give sufficient notice to quit my job.

Then I would:

1)    Invest half

2)    Donate to charities

3)    Pay cash for a house

4)    Rescue a dog or two but not until we returned from…

5)    2 Semesters at Sea – before my kids go to college. Anyone may book the 100-day around-the-world cruises. Two hemispheres means two semesters. Add in the cost of flying their dad to come spend weekends with them at ports around the world.

6)    I’d love to randomly reward kindness and goodness that I witness in strangers

7)    Set up more scholarships locally for kids to play sports

What would you do with $241 million dollars?

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