Despite over-stuffing my schedule this week assisting with a large fundraiser for Friday, Scout Requirements due Thursday, ball practices starting, and Tae Kwon Do sprinkled in – all while working 40 hours – my mind wandered a bit. One random thought spoke louder than others, so I thought I’d share it to see if y’all have any insight or advice.

Does the louder or more practical voice get heard?

VICTORY: My reluctant athlete laid down dares this week! I need to train for something, on behalf of charities, in order to workout. Taking time away from family by cramming in more without “good reason” doesn’t happen. I train because I’m scared to show up race day and be unprepared. This wears off. I stopped training for ½ marathons and, it wasn’t pretty, While not fast, I survived like four events in one year without training properly and still got my bling!

Bling is addictive!

After not training for the past 15 months, opportunity for change presented itself. The fastest way into my new office takes me up 3 flights of stairs. I purposefully did not locate the elevator so as to climb those stairs daily. After just 10 days, I’m less winded, my calves look tighter, and BONUS: at camp Sunday, I walked up the killer hill to the cabins and even though my friend and I panted and our butt muscles burned, a tiny voice said “Keep going to the top!” So I did!

Upward and onward? Or going down?

Now I am plotting workouts to fit my weighted, wobbling weekly schedule.  When at the kids’ lessons, I’ll keep moving for the amount of time that they exert energy. Plus, I want to take the kids on bike rides!  Not the 40+ mile ones but a cruise down the beach! The kids are at the age where they should learn the balance of exercising dictating what they eat but I want to do it with a focus on the fun of moving around – not dieting, in addition to being a good example.  A family that gets fit together, stays together.

Looking good! Courtesy of

This was the thought keeping me up tonight. OK, not totally – I also researched my Leap Year post so check back. Whether you’re a busy professional or a single mom, any thoughts or perspective folks?!



WARNING:  Excessive whining causes narrowing of the mind, restricted creativity flow, cloudy vision and thickened skull. Tonight, after working a great first day at my new job, I left feeling confident in my position floating on top of the learning curve.  I couldn’t wait to get home for a great family evening.

When I picked up the kids up, dizziness came on immediately as I fought to keep up with their protests. Starting with ditching Tae Kwon Do, they whined that my late arrival would cost them 150 pushups.  I finally said “Tell Master to make me do them!”  Anything would be less painful than the bickering!

Aaah, makes my head spin!

I empathized understanding that my daughter’s mood reflected her involuntarily quitting her security blankets cold turkey (we’re still looking) and that to my pre-tween son, losing 15 minutes of precious sleep made him a troll.  They continued in rare form through dinner and two stores as we searched for graph paper.  In the parking lot after the 2nd store I shared my plan to suggest to his teachers to include graph paper the next time they assign overnight homework requiring it.  When my son shared that he might have been able to pick up a piece in class, my blood pressure skyrocketed.

Did I forget to mention…

When everyone calmed down enough to fall into a sleep coma, my desire to blog flatlined.  Resuscitating it required drastic measures. Fortunately I pulled out the tool able to shock my system and get my writing flowing again – word generator prompt app!  These spit out random words that, together, sound like something Magic 8 ball toys said.

Perhaps it’s cheating, but I passed on a few combinations until I got one that instantly sent sparks pulsing into my veins.  My words were “Premed Chest.”  Two ideas crashed forth into my head, competing for top billing:  Premed students pushing on dummy chests for CPR, and Dr. Feelgood, the college Premed student with a great chest!  Since I’ve almost hit 365 words, I’ll save that post for later.

Dr. Feelgood I presume?

Although I didn’t write about “Premed Chest” yet, the random word generator did treat my writer’s block!  I won’t be so skeptical next time I need to recharge my writing!

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