Recently, I lunched with a long-time friend! I relished reconnecting over lunch and simply focusing on the person in front of me. Then my wandering mind connected that to truly get centered, I must invest time to also get to know myself.

Inspired by a blog – I surveyed my CURRENT self – and will again periodically. As seasons change, so do my moods and interests.

Our Spring Break Bisbee, AZ road trip – though my daughter demanded an upgrade from our SUV to a motorhome because she feels claustrophobic if 3 of us drive a car built for 7.

Look what I found on! Maybe this’ll do!

Updating my resume. I’m not preparing a job-change, but always kept it updated. I’m not sure whether I lack the desire to job hunt or versioning it to capture keywords that I no longer recall the flow of my original resume.

Episode VII brought on the Star Wars superbug in our house. Currently, no cure seems possible in our lifetimes!

Toys WTF! With The Force! I ❤️ BB8!

Adele’s 25 CD. Certain artists I get on iTunes, specific ones only on CD to read lyrics and fawn over artist pictures…or, perhaps. I just need a bluetooth music system so I feel the bass.

My one regret is not investing money from my divorce flash sale into a new home. Coveting those that own, not rent.

Perfect Cozy Abode when we’re all moving if our candidate doesn’t win!

Kids and I love Youtube, Buzzfeed and – I’m a sucker for Top 10 lists and people trying things outside their comfort zone. Carpool Karaoke by James Corden draws us in every time.

Paolo Coehlo The Alchemist. After hearing about this inspirational book from so many directions I had to read it. I’m only about 23 pages in so far, but I can sense that the story will be charming and the lessons – universal.

E-books lack textured pages and adorable bookmarks!

My son’s teenage years and my daughter’s tweens

Tomorrow! I get to do something totally new and beyond my comfort zone. Can’t wait to share more about it with you! Here’s my surprise: Filming a BUZZFEED video! 

What about you? Consider these:


Or dream up your own!


DAILY PROMPT: SENTIMENTAL – Ridiculous Redirection


Photo courtesy of

My divorce happened before the Conscious Uncoupling trend. While it didn’t fall under the category of most congenial divorces, it certainly didn’t qualify as one of the worst. Ridiculous Redirection better described my conscious dissolution – detailing my disdain for the situation, the people involved and my attempts to maintain a sense of humor and forge a fresh, clear perspective for making life-changing decisions. This, immediately after losing my mind and being steamrolled by emotions beyond the range of what I’d previously considered possible on the Richter scale. 

Initially, my tribe of devoted supporters rallied, listened, commiserated, reveled in the ridiculous along with me. Though they provided a much-needed crutch I leaned on often while learning to stand again, it suddenly dawned on me that I’d mounted the carousel horse to crazy town. So I leaped for the brass ring while the carousel groaned on.   I bruised my heart a bit more but felt immediately lighter with ridiculousness in pieces at my feet.  I ran to catch up to my kids’ and my new life, that already held a strong head-start.  

Photo courtesy of

When I stopped to catch my breath I immediately felt that I needed to slow down and be present to properly navigate the future and remember the high-fives along the way. 

Does rehashing Sentimental steps of my ridiculous redirection mean I’m stuck in a bitter dead end without a clear path towards my future? I feel that I finally received the streetmap (OK, GPS) showing me I got through Despair, to the border of Desperation, constantly weaving in and out of Unsettled, and that confirms I am passing through Hope finally on the road towards Inner Peace which still just barely seems visible in a distant  horizon (Looks like Oz!)

To me, simmering in the sentiment is necessary on occasion to remind me of growth, evolution, resilience, adaptation, and invention. I now realize that my resentment came more from the unexpected, though maybe not completely unforeseen, changes to my 25-year plan than the things my wasband (was-my-husband) and I did before, during and after that point. 

Photo courtesy of

We three continue forward now watching Ridiculous transition into Reality – a reality that we are present for every day. 


Believe me, every time a new reboot appears my eyes roll, “Another 80’s movie makeover?! Why do studios insist on tampering with sentimental favorites that represent our prime years?  We love the generational inside jokes that bond us together. In most cases, the equation of bigger explosions + younger actors + less clothes – sprinkled with updated music and better special effects leaves me unsatisfied and worried for the next generation (of film-making). Reboots (or sequels) should add quality and depth to a franchise.

GHOSTBUSTERS answered the call providing us with what what I hope will be a smart, powerful (and insanely funny) film.  WATCH TRAILER!


Photo from the Official Website:

  • Balancing the playing field: Throughout Hollywood, conversations lately focus on equality: Racial, Gender, etc.  Sony Pictures chose to listen to the movements and their celebrity leaders – Emma Watson and Geena Davis – who rally for more women in lead roles.  Four wickedly funny women lead as studious, outspoken women: Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig!  
  • Being known as a number: Did Sony choose these women to be politically correct? Call it a hunch, but I’m thinking studios operate a bit more on a number$ ba$i$. Bottom line, these women slay box offices and television. For once producers stood up to ANYSTUDIO executive* who said “This film won’t succeed without more male leads.”
  • Passes a test most others fail: If you’re not aware, the Bechdel Test  measures whether a film features 1) At least two female characters 2) Who speak to each other 3) About something besides men. Many films fail this test. Ghostbusters not only passes, but doubled up!
  • Eye (ronic) candy: The stereotype of men hiring attractive, lovingly ditzy assistants extends beyond the film industry.  These Ghostbusters kick so much ghost-ass, only this male marvel understands their work.  Secondary win: Chris Hemsworth in an outwardly more conservative, smart role, not just banking on the brawn (raises his appeal in my eyes).


Photo from the Official Website:

TRUTH: The trailer inspired my instant 180-degree change in opinion (or flooded me with hope) about film-remakes. I truly know nothing else about the film. Now I’m going to stalk all social media waiting for additional Ghostbuster gems and the summer release that, now, can’t come soon enough.

*I’m not implying that Sony ever had any Negative Nellie executive – but it’s an industry-wide issue.  If you want to see my really-long Master’s thesis, let me know – It’s the longest thing I’ve ever written.

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WORK FIELD TRIP: Ran off to the circus!

Julia Cameron calls this an Artist Date, I prefer Work Field Trip.  


I’ve already mentioned how the invitation to attend the Premiere Event for Cavalia’s Odysseo in Irvine this weekend already fulfilled my dreams!  This show, and this assignment, took me on a creative journey magically stirring something awake in my soul. When I received another invitation to attend press preview day, I immediately accepted this gift.


As with many favorite childhood trips, my experience started from the freeway once I spotted the flags atop the tent.  The idea that the largest touring show in the world sat on land where nothing existed a week before astounded me.

FullSizeRender (3)

I mingled with other bloggers, press, and VIP guests. Though many were there for an assignment, most bubbled over with passion for horses, music or art.  

2-5-16 blog gear

Hah! My gear vs. their gear – I need an upgrade!

The show itself was more spectacular and high-energy than expected. The beauty of the show overwhelmed me and invigorated all of my senses.  Each act flowed into the next gracefully – even the 18-ton merry-go-round!.


Even more amazing, we received behind-the-scenes access from Odysseo’s Founder, Normand Latourelle.


Odysseo’s Creator: Odyssey = Journey with O = “eau” (water) at the end of the journey

He explained that computers traditionally direct musical cues for a show of this caliber. Because this show features live animals with individual temperaments, this show’s cues come from a live director. With the timing of so many seemingly death-defying acts, timing was crucial.


The live music added a delicate veil of beauty to our experience.

1-25-16 Odysseo stand up excited 1 wk left

Conversations with performers brave enough to leap from their career paths to follow their passion truly inspired me.  One performer studied marine biology before attending circus school, another hoped to earn money while studying for the Bar exam. Some turned their professional riding into performance careers.


Most people I know dreamed of joining the circus at least once in their lives. The nomadic family lifestyle mixed with the artistic beauty and danger of a circus mystify and entrance us.  


WTF: Way too fast – can’t wait to see the full-length show!

Normand pointed out what I feel represents the true beauty of the show:  With the many different breeds and cultures represented here, everyone gets along. They believe that peace is best for a beautiful show. It’s been thrilling spending my hours on a “job” submersed in such creativity and such beauty.



Lea Riviere Mixed Media on Canvas



The Dallas Safari Club wants to save Black Rhinos with this auction.

The Dallas Safari Club wants to save
Black Rhinos with an auction to hunt one.

If you haven’t heard, a famous Texan hunter, Corey Knowlton, paid $350,000 to hunt an endangered black rhino in Nambia. I’m guessing your initial reaction includes: RAGE that someone would consider killing an animal from a species with only 5,000 members worldwide; SADNESS that an animal’s life is a prize; HOPE that this bidder paid to pardon the rhino and keep another hunter from killing him.  From Knowlton’s Facebook page and his interviews, he’s looking forward to the challenge.

Corey Knowlton

Corey Knowlton

Before you make Corey the hunted, let’s check out his MOTIVE beyond the once-in-a-lifetime prize.  He makes a case for the fact that:

A) This money goes to the Nambian government to help conserve the 1,700 black rhinos they care for.

B) The government singles out older rhinos that have become a threat to the rest of the herd as the ones that are “suitable” to kill.

C) The animal meat will be donated to local Nambian’s and the hide will be preserved by Knowlton.

D) His kill, he claims, would be faster than fighting to near-death only to have lions or wild dogs finish the job

WTF: Wrinkly Tender-tough face!

WTF: Wrinkly Tender-tough face!

Here’s why I don’t totally buy that:

A)   Why not just make a donation to the Nambian government? Period.

B)   It’s hard to believe that a hunter with the challenging kills that he’s done (according to Facebook pictures) would settle for an older, probably slower rhino.  Or they’re just spinning the truth because he says repeatedly how much danger he’ll be in hunting such a rhino.

C)   While meat will be donated, the hide and head will be in Knowlton’s house.

D)   I don’t know how accurate his shot is but I can’t imagine the kill will be without suffering.

Nature is truly amazing!

Nature is truly amazing!

True, I’m not a hunter. I suppose I am sometimes ok with it if people hunt with cross-bows for food, not for trophies. I’m totally creeped out by taxidermummified animals.

But, people! Under no circumstances is it ok to bombard him and his family – his children! – with death threats over this. Haven’t we learned that when you get all crazy people will just dismiss your rant as, well, crazy!  Find a more intelligent way to make the world better.

Shooting the Rhino with a camera would be a bucket list item! had a petition to stop the permit to hunt but sadly, it was put through. On a positive note, it created a lot more awareness for the plight of the black rhinos. 

NOTE:  Obviously this is a heated topic and I welcome your thoughts, but if you comment on this post, I ask that you please remain respectful. Any threatening comments will not be published.

WOMEN’S FIGHT FOR EQUALITY: Who are we really fighting with?

Many women go to work knowing they’re paid significantly less than their male counterparts. More men than women are high-level executives, sit on boards, and become politicians.  Women feel they don’t get the same respect and blame glass ceilings or “Good ol’ boys” clubs.  When half of our population is female, how can this still be so imbalanced and why does progress seem to be reverting?

WTF: Way to flounce

WTF: Way to flounce

Part of the battle originates with the media’s portrayal of women. The must-see film MISSrepresentation shares shocking statistics on how media companies, run primarily by men, spent decades telling stories from their perspective, portraying women as helpless sexual objects for men to overpower or rescue. The absence of female role models or multi-dimensional characters on tv or film kills any proof that women may aspire to be more. The film points out that history preserved primarily male perspectives and while not wrong, it remains extremely one-sided. Our country is far behind other countries’ empowerment of female leaders.

Highly recommend the film for everyone as we're all media consumers.

Highly recommend the film for everyone as we’re all media consumers.

Two trends emerge in the workplace:

  1. Women feel power comes from being bitchy or sexy – This alienates both genders while painting women as emotional and unstable
  2. Women are our own worst enemy, as Sheryl Sandberg states in Lean In – Women constantly compete with both genders to earn a coveted top spot on the cutthroat career track. However, the few sporadic individual victories won’t launch women into more equivalent roles quickly. Additionally, women can be so catty and quick to criticize fellow women’s appearances or behavior in magazines or in person.
WTF - Straight up!

WTF – Straight up!

Shift perspective:

1)   Stop fighting and join forces – The battle shouldn’t focus on knocking others from the top, it should be to earn positioning, building a balanced representation of both genders and working together.  A more cohesive unit has more strength than a disputing unit.

2)   Lift each other up – Rather than running to stay in front of the competition, turn around and give them a hand. You gain far more than you lose by training someone to be your replacement.

WTF: Work through friction (C) Peanuts

WTF: Work through friction
(C) Peanuts

MISSrepresentation and its supporters chant, “If they can see it, they can be it.”  Stop to think of what you want others to see and learn from you.

I've said it before... Always a good lesson!

I’ve said it before…
Always a good lesson!


From the second I opened the office door late last week, the din of heavy traffic welcomed me as my boss headed directly towards me with a smile. I ducked out of his way waving pleasantries as he passed through. I’d deposited my purse in the drawer, unlocked the computer, when suddenly he reappeared.  Quickly, I jumped into the traffic flow to get some answers. Finally, upon returning to my desk, parking myself in the seat, a large cleansing breath escaped my lips startling me! I joked to my co-pilot, that it was far too early for that.

...and repeat.

…and repeat.

Apparently the distress and detox yoga dvd that my daughter and I did the night before couldn’t hold back the combination of work, life and finals. During the video, careful care was taken to feature the gal’s diaphragm demonstrating correct inhaling and exhaling form.  Apparently we weren’t focused enough on breathing because my daughter noticed, before I commented, that the video focused a majority of the time on the girl’s boobies – from every angle.

Finally, for my make-believe half-marathon training – which will come to life when my class work ends next Tuesday – I’ve started climbing the stairs at work when possible.  Even when I trained 6 days a week for a ½ ironman, stairs still always winded me.  So to counter this, I started my marathon breathing to climb the stairs.  Two quick breaths in, two quick breaths out and this results in me restoring the ability to speak faster than usual.

No, I get it, the point is, when did I just sit alone with myself and focus on my breathing? I also am aware that things will leap off the page to you when you need them the most. The tricky part is that one receives and applies the advice in a timely manner.  So today, you have my word, after finishing voiceover for one finals project and before diving into my draft of my finals paper for my other class, I will drop off my kids, retreat to my favorite corner of the world, let the sunshine hit my face, the caffeine course through my veins, and let the breaths come slow and steady.

Unlimited fresh air and perspective to inhale!

Unlimited fresh air and perspective to inhale!

Check out the other 50 Questions


6th grade sleepover, my friend and I hunched over the record player, using our finger to rotate Ozzy’s Crazy Train album backwards at 33 1/3 rpm to hear hidden satanic messages. It’s what all “good girls” did at slumber parties.  We played it faster, slower, louder, and finally gave up for fear of waking her parents or because Poltergeist was on – again.

Hidden Messages?

Hidden Messages?

That was the age when everything became an inside dirty joke. Thinking how intelligent I must be, I read into every song for hidden meanings.  Many songs are written with double entendre, but I laugh that my lyrics were often worse than the true hidden meaning. Truly, I usually couldn’t understand a word!

Eminem - WTF: Way to Flow

Eminem – WTF: Way to Flow

Fast-forward, my kids have turned the tables on me and are now this age.  In their rush to grow up, my son raps Eminem’s Lose Yourself while Lauren sings along with Katy Perry.  On a lunch hour whim, unfazed by parental advisory stickers, I bought Katy’s album. I sang along – excited to surprise the kids with the album.  When the 5th song came on I danced with this upbeat song – previously unheard from the radio! “I wanna see your peacock – cock – cock!”

WTF: We talking feathers?

WTF: We talking feathers?

In a panic, I told the kids my “truth” “The CD is scratched from song 5 on, bummer!” Don’t look at me like that, what would you do? Even the songs they sing with their friends off the radio cause me to panic anticipating questions that I am not ready to answer. But as chauffer, I felt I’d somewhat restored my musical control.

On a joyous 3D adventure to see Part of (Her), Katy and her dancers grabbed feathers and danced to a familiar beat!  It’s the jaw-dropping, eye-popping, head-turning, body-shocking, heart-throbbing, ground-shaking, show-stopping, amazing song that the kids won’t get out of their heads.

High 5, Katy!  I personally dig this song!

High 5, Katy! I personally dig this song!

I cringed as they sang it – waiting for Carson to figure it out. Lauren asked him, “What’s it about?”

“It’s all about big p…”

“OK! Radio time!” I yelled, sweating profusely.

“Big, colorful personalities. Be proud of yours!”

What a good big brother!  I still don’t know if he was running interference or truly didn’t understand. For now, part of us remains unscathed.

8/12/13 – To thank you for wandering by, here is Katy Perry’s video for her new single ROAR! Did I mention the emoticons RULE!?!


I have to believe it was meant to be. The odds were against these two meeting in a club on trendy Hollywood Blvd. one night in 1990. My college roommate Cindy and I preferred dance clubs outside the “scene!” and out-of-towner, Tom, was on brief leave from his military assignment. They crossed paths in the heart of LA – they beat the odds!

After college, CA girl Cindy moved across country because Tom was the right guy at the right time! I don’t just like Tom since he is “her husband!” I love him because he’s an outstanding guy! Since then, we’ve shared many times together at our weddings, trips to Disneyworld, and a growing pile of children! This month, Tom and Cindy celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary about the same time Cindy celebrated her 20th week of pregnancy – their second baby!

Ohana means family. No one gets left behind - or forgotten!

Ohana means family. No one gets left behind – or forgotten!

This anniversary found Tom and Cindy in the hospital. He went in thinking he had a stomach virus but, due to subsequent tests, he wound up recuperating from back surgery. It’s not the venue that makes the celebration, but the people there to celebrate and the love they share! Turns out, Tom has Multiple Myeloma – blood cancer.

He started treatments immediately and LLS has already provided support for his family. The odds are improved, from generations past, because LLS has made amazing progress with treatments and such. Treatments are more aggressively pinpointing cancer cells, leaving non-cancerous cells strong to fight!

OK, can you tell these families believe in Disney magic?

OK, can you tell these families believe in Disney magic?

I’m a big believer in the power of positive thought and prayers, and in progress being made. I’ve worked beside inspirational people who fought and overcame blood cancers, and whose stories varied so much because treatments now are significantly less invasive! We are so close to a cure, but until then, we continue to battle!

Being on the opposite end of the country from such close friends as they face these odds really sucks, so I’m rallying the best way I know help. Please help me send the power of love and hope to my friends in Florida and to their family – that will be growing larger mid-November!

Branching out to a new kind of magic!

Branching out to a new kind of magic!

Let’s push them past the odds!  I am already halfway to my fundraising goal!  Please help me reach the goal – every $1 counts.

If you know anyone who’s battled cancer, please consider making a small donation of any amount and leave their name in the comments! GO TEAM!! 

Please consider that for the price of what you’d pay for 1 Venti Fru-Fru drink at Starbucks, you could make the money go farther by donating $5, it will make a difference!

In the very least, please consider reblogging, or simply tweeting my fundraising webpage or anything! The more people that hear, the more likely it is I’ll burst through my goal of $3,000! WTF: Way to fundraise!

Wanna do more? Register to be a bone marrow donor at



10,000 foot prints

An Army Fighting Cancer

Help Us Find A Cure!


When news of Tiger Woods’ car accident broke in 2009, the world worried about this world-class golfer. Was he drunk? Hurt? Could he still play? Did it cost him his career?

Tiger's crash split open more than his bumper

Tiger’s crash split open more than his bumper

At the time, he was the highest-paid athlete of any sport earning around $100 million annually to represent or promote brands like Accenture; AT&T; his PGA Tour Golf game; Gillette; Nike; Gatorade; TLC Laser Eye Centers; and Golf Digest. He appeared to be an ideal celebrity spokesperson.

Be like Tiger!

Be like Tiger!

His social attractiveness was contagious since he loves his mom while his dad taught him golf as a toddler.  He represented hope for many as a realistic success story as someone who aggressively yet calmly pursues dreams.  His megawatt smile highlighted a face everyone loved.

When Tiger smiles, the world smiles with him

When Tiger smiles, the world smiles with him

Married, with children, to gorgeous Elin Nordegren, he seemed untainted by celebrity.  Tiger’s intelligence and intense concentration on the green, with his charming sense of humor, convinced us of his trustworthy good will.

Tiger does it again!

Tiger does it again!

Then we learned Tiger’s good willie sinking hole in ones along the PGA tour sparked the argument resulting in the crash.  He quickly lost control of his image as unrelenting scandal built daily. Tiger was caged.

Tiger's reveals his true stripes - some of them

Tiger’s reveals his true stripes – some of them

Supporting fans shielded Tiger, insisting that his private life is not our business.  However, his image is what businesses banked on so when the scandal grew quickly to unreasonable levels, they pulled out.  Some threatened breach of contract. Accenture, a technology consulting firm and golf tournament sponsor, was first to leave, others followed – including Elin.

Accenture took their green with them

Accenture took their green with them

Tiger lost his family, property and about $180 Million in cancelled sponsorships. He rendered himself insignificant by temporarily withdrawing from the sport. Ouch! But, what about the companies he promoted?

It gets worse?!

It gets worse?! 

Would you believe if I told you the companies wound up losing $12 Billion! With a B! Thanks to an immediate dive in stocks and such, the drop was significant.


WTF: Will Tiger Fall!

Now, Tiger’s back, but has he changed his stripes?  Some sponsors gave him a mulligan, while others refuse.  His financial portfolio rebuilds quickly, having received close to $65 million in endorsements in 2013. Meanwhile, the sponsors’ companies continue to recover.

Tiger is back on the greens

Tiger is back on the greens

Does this change how you view the Paula Deen fallout? Did golf need a scandal for increased interest?




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