Happy Valentine’s Day! Are your favorite Love Songs listed here?

Every day, but especially Valentine’s day, music has the ability to alter my mood. With today being the national reminder to love one another, I pulled together a soundtrack of songs that put me in the mood… to skip down the sidewalk tossing confetti hearts at everyone I pass.

Love Will Keep us Together by Captain & Tennille

Your Song by Elton John

I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder

Crazy for You by Madonna

Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins

(Everything I Do) I’d Do it For You by Bryan Adams

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

Silly Love Songs by Wings

Still the One by Shania Twain

Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé

BONUS: Baby Baby by Amy Grant

I know, I missed a whole bunch that commercially were bigger love songs, but these are my songs that can break my heart and make it sing at the same time – what are yours?

What would be on your Valentine’s Day Mix Tape?
Share your all-time favorite love song – if you can pick one!
Any other favorite ways to say “I Love You!”
Any favorite Valentine’s Day traditions?
Wanna buy any of the songs? Click thru on the song title!

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Think back to the days when we read magical tales that filled our hearts with hope and adventure.  Swift, elegant horses, dashing, brave heroes and heroines were the ingredients mixed into myriads of stories.  These stories extended our world beyond our backyard. With our eyes closed, our creative imagination transported us to other worlds! Now, my kids, my niece and I have the opportunity to travel to a mystical world with our eyes open!  My family and I are so excited to attend the premiere event of Cavalia Odysseo on February 6th!

1-16-16 Odysseo head shot

You don’t have to wait – shows are open now through Feb. 26!

From the very first glimpse, this show promises to hold something unforgettably magical for everyone in my family.  I grew up with horses, wholeheartedly believe in fairy tales and am the last person on this Earth who has never seen a Cirque du Soleil show.  This newest and largest $30 million production of Cavalia Odysseo, created by Cirque co-founder, Normand Latourelle, promises to stimulate our senses on so many levels.

1-16-16 Odysseo death-defying

I predict that my son will be blown away by the death-defying acrobats, my niece will want to take all 65 horses home with her and my daughter will hum the tunes for weeks. I look forward to hearing their excitement over unexpected surprises that they’ll never forget.

1-16-16 Odysseo Merrygoround

This show is double the size of the 2007 tour boasting 48 riders, acrobats, aerialists, dancers and musicians in a soulful and touching journey around the globe, showcasing at its heart, the mysterious relationship between men and horses.  I’m trying to imagine the sheer size of the production as the video clearly shows a lake and mountains – all under the big white tent!

1-16-16 Odysseo grand scope stage

For me, it’s also dream come true to be able to share this news with you before it happens rather than say “Look what we did, wish you were there!”  Wander along with us on this magical escape from our everyday lives!  Visit and book your tickets now!  The show premieres February 3rd with matinee and evening shows running through Valentine’s Day (what a great gift idea!). Some special pricing available.

See you in Irvine under the big white tent! What are you looking forward to the most?!



Wander back soon and check my Wanderful Events page regularly for more exciting events!



My son gave me a Valentine’s Day certificate for a day to do anything I want!  I carefully considered my plan, sorting events into two days – with or without kids. This reflects Part I of “My Day” (I go by hours, not calendar date).

Best gift ever - power to choose my day!

Picked up before cleaners: The early morning wake up, to chase down my kids’ toys running rampant throughout the house, was worth it when I left for my day of endless opportunities while someone else vacuumed behind my couch.

Grabbed coffee at 7-11: For someone who loves ordering the longest-named drink at Fivebucks, six pots of 7-11 flavored coffees, plus a lazy susan of creamers, thrills me.  I’ve had blueberry+cinnamon+vanilla coffee with caramel creamer. Today I had butter toffee+hazelnut with chocolate.  BONUS: It’s cheaper, faster and less bitter!

Trip to library: I located books from my wish list, strolled through new non-fiction – choosing a few about writers, then drooled over a cookbook Bacon! – a global collection of mouth-watering recipes that happened to use bacon, not just “slap bacon on anything and call it an improvement.”

So many books, so little time!

Napped: Rerouted my plans to home realizing I told the cleaners to not worry about locking the door when leaving. In our neighborhood, nobody’s going to walk in – EXCEPT a sign on my lawn says “For Rent – Apartment Open!” Later, while snoozing on my couch, someone walked smack into my locked door, then knocked asking to see the apartment.

Dinner with TNTers: For me to enjoy a meal with amazing people without thinking about marketing plans, the next event or volunteer roles to recruit them for, was a treat!  I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s stories …and got recruited for a Zombie Run.

Wine: I love red wine with a tiny square of chocolate.  I picked out two richer wines than usual thanks to a 30% off coupon. I did a social media Cheers! asking my Facebook friends to choose which wine to open first, and was invited to an online wine group.



I’m hoping Malbec goes well with shiny vampires – I still never made it past the bonus features. While watching I will find a new recipe to try – wanna bet it’ll involve bacon?!


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I started compiling my list of favorite movie kisses, one of which was the Twilight Prom Gazebo kiss. This reminded me that I wanted to finally watch the newest DVD release tonight now that I’ve lived with it in my home for 3 days. A glass of wine and a tiny piece of chocolate could make the evening even more perfect, so I narrow down my selection from the variety of sugar bombs. Then, Oh Crap! We still need to make rock candy as our last requirement for my son’s Scout Scientist belt loop, patch or pin – I never could keep them apart – in order for him to bridge to Scouts.

We read the instructions and realized that we needed wooden sticks or clean string for the rock candy to grow on. Turns out neither were staples in all of my crafting stuff. With no option to reschedule, we moved on to Plan B for brilliant! I dreamed up the plan to pour molten sugar water in a shallower dish using wooden toothpicks as the sticks. To keep them from slipping in, I improvised quickly and used a plastic sandwich bag over the top of the small jar and pushed the toothpicks through the plastic and voila! It held the toothpicks upright and in place. Rock candy crystals may appear as early as tomorrow but will take at least 7 days to grow completely.

Rock Candy with cover holding the toothpicks upright!

Immediately things rolled right into reading time and while my daughter read, “The school bell rang. It was time for…” I blurted out “Timer!!” Time for Timer pranced across your screen Saturday mornings TV teaching you things about your body and health. He had us hankerin’ for a hunk of cheese and craving sunshine on a stick – a toothpick, really. I couldn’t believe that watching those PSA’s over and over would result in the perfect solution 34 years later!

Remember him?!

Turns out I do have popsicle sticks in the house, but honestly, I love that my mind did store things through the years and smaller rock candies are even cuter than the real size. Speaking of real, my valentine date with the Cullen’s awaits.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Recipe: Sunshine on a Stick


Candlelight makes everyone look perfect...

You are dressed to the nines, your lover looks delicious, dazzling eyes, skin warm in the glow of candlelight and starry night. They reach for your hand, pull it close to their heart, your heart skips a beat as you look into their eyes and try not to get carried away in butterflies.  You soak in every word of their pledge of love and affection for you, how they enjoy every minute with you and when you’re apart thinking of you makes their heart smile.  You’re perfect for them and complement each other better than ever hoped. They pull out a very personally wrapped present and slowly push it towards you. Your heart flutters with anticipation for this gift that they carefully picked out just for you. You shake the box gently as they pull you closer in an embrace. They are kissing your ear as you slowly untie the ribbon. The velvet kisses move down your neck as you remove the lid exposing a small envelope inside. They slowly push aside your collar, nuzzling your shoulder with their lips as you gently slide out a gift certificate for PLASTIC SURGERY?! You smash the box on their head, take the certificate and run.

Just want to change a little something...

I’m not above plastic surgery, I say do what makes you feel as awesome as you deserve, but receiving this gift from a loved one feels an awful lot like “I love you, BUT…”  Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t that feel a tad superficial (although this is So Cal)?!  To give them the benefit of the doubt – perhaps they meant that you should do the work for “yourself” to make you feel better and then surprise your loved ones with newly enhanced parts.

Well OK, then...

To me, this gift ranks with those gifts one knows to never get a loved one like a vacuum, tools, or aprons – although I’d LOVE one of these.

I'd cook all day looking this cute!

Back to the story… you get a rush of endorphins running away, free with possibilities. The gift certificate does good bringing lots of love and money raised for the silent auction you donate it too. Hell, use it yourself, if you want – but only for yourself, not for anyone else!