Porsche Experience speeding to LA!

Considering I travel this freeway at least twice monthly since the late 80s, I’m shocked to be one of the last people to notice that Muffler Man, we’ll call him Carson based on location, now wears a Porsche jacket (since about 2013)!  

FullSizeRender (6)

Way to build instant tie between nostalgia and now – dressing Muffler Man Carson (born in the 1960s)

Perhaps I never noticed his jacket due to the net that Japanese car companies cast on the South Bay curve of South Los Angeles. All 3 leaders’, Honda, Nissan and Toyota, corporate offices grew roots nearby. Then, Nissan left in 2006 and Toyota announced its (already underway) relocation to Texas, leaving large gaps in the So Cal car industry.  With Hyundai already parked one county below LA, fans wondered who might pull ahead through this long stretch of freeway.

Check your mirrors, Porsche just pulled out of your blind spot to introduce you to their cars in a big way with the Porsche Experience Center.  The part of me that loved going to Malibu Grand Prix as a teen totally just woke up and can’t wait to get my rear in the seat of a Porsche and take on this course (either as a driver or passenger). 

The new 911-R from Porsche.com

Fortunately the starting lights ignite soon – it plans to open 2016.

Can’t wait to handle the hairpin turns!


Without reading Porsche’s press kits, I immediately see the necessity for building a place like this as I’ve known people who bought a magnificent Porsche, then got lapped by the little old lady from Pasadena!  What better place to sell people on a performance car than by introducing them to everything from a race course to mountainous roads – all without leaving the 52-acre property. Cap on the subliminal thrill that they’re traveling faster than their unlucky peers on the freeway they rode in on, and the chills feel real!  

Other onsite facilities include Human Performance (which I’m guessing offers a crash-course in pronouncing “Porsche”) to let you live the performance race car driver life for a day.  To save you some speeding tickets, a restaurant will offer a delicious spot to come down from the adrenaline rush before you hop back on the freeway.

Porsche, perhaps originally drafting off these 3 companies, finds themselves in pole position poised for the next lap. Start your engines!

Check out more high-performance action from Atlanta by Eugene Fong!


Welcome to CA – What’s your Powerball Dream? Everybody’s Got One!

The Powerball has landed in California bringing along with it an inspirationally aggressive marketing campaign. They boast larger jackpots, yet, recognizing people aren’t as materialistic anymore, are marketing to more humanistic players eager to be a positive change in this world.


Powerball targets 38 million Californians with one powerful emotion – Hope.  The campaign communicates how Hope implements change by pointing out historic events like Armstrong’s Moon landing reminding us memorable moments started with single sparks of hope.  Their campaign reinforces the power of dreamers, those willing to take a chance.

Powerball gives daydreamers the model to believe in something bigger, a cause, miracles, a long shot. But, start small – even one ticket! They have to overcome those who resist saying “Powerball is a money pit,” “the odds stink,” or “don’t gamble” by, instead, getting people to buy into hope – anything is possible but you can’t win if you don’t play.


Now, I mentioned Powerball targets every Californian – every one.  When my family first heard the haunting rendition of children singing “California Dreamin’,” it immediately hooked us. My kids (8 and 12 years) downloaded the real song, discussed the lyrics and sparked inspirational conversations “If you win – how would you positively impact the world?” (Answers: “Cure AIDS” and “Open a candy store where everything is free.”).

I don’t play regularly, I only buy tickets for big jackpots (I know, my odds are worse) but what made us purchase our first ticket was when radio campaigns became personal. On my daily commute, I was regularly teased by a guy saying “It was like any other day, driving in your car, fighting traffic. It was like any other day… until it wasn’t [cue music].”  It wraps its arm around you and points you towards your destiny. It’s that simple to dream, believe – and buy a ticket.


Some people feel the ads resemble religion putting too much faith in something intangible. They feel those who would use money wisely for good would not usually be the same crowd playing the Powerball.

I say, try me. I dream about buying reasonable homes, providing college educations and providing sports scholarships for AYSO and Little Leagues so no child “can’t” play.“


6/9/13 UPDATE:

I didn’t win, she did!

The Powerball launch was a winning success!

Dan from the creative agency David&Goliath wrote to let me know that it was THE most successful lottery launch in U.S. history (kudos!!)!

For you folks who want proof (remember Powerball tix are $2/ea):

  • $3.1 million in first day sales 
  • $8.5 million in sales in the first 4 days
  • $25 million in two weeks 
And by the 6th week…
  • $83 million worth of tickets sold, accounting for 11% of Powerball sales in the entire country!

You know what I said about only playing the big draws?  I lied… I have a ticket in my wallet right now from this past weekend’s draw and until I actually check the winning numbers, I can hold onto the hope that I may have been the winner this time!


QUESTIONif you could pick any fictional character to be your country’s leader – who would it be and why? (My answer is at the bottom)


Here in the USA, today is voting day. No matter what your opinions are – whether you vote for the strong leader or the lesser of two evils, you must celebrate your right to vote by getting out there and doing it!

Forgot to mail in your absentee ballot? Fill it out and drop it off at a polling location near you! (I mailed mine in so I could blog instead of vote on my lunch hour).

You can’t whine about who the President is for the next 4 years if you don’t get out there and try to be a part in deciding him today. Plus there are so many other significant things on the ballot in your local regions.

My fictional character that I would choose to be president would be James Bond (stretching the rules of what it takes to be US President). I feel that much of the international issues would be resolved, perhaps we’d have some greater leaps with technology and I’d watch every speech because he’s powerful, dreamy and single! [Let your mind wander after your favorite Bond President…]

#Election #Vote #IVoted #President #Candidate #Debates


Every four years the nation sits fixed to their TVs, anxious to celebrate people who worked hard to truly master skills for their shining moment.  People embrace winners, hunger for underdog successes, and celebrate the rest simply because of their inspirational spirits!  After the Olympic Closing ceremony, the sheen of gold, silver and brass tarnishes quickly as feverish elections come calling.  To me, all candidates are annoying guys marking their conquests – one dangling chad at a time.

In 3 days I received 3 phone calls from multiple numbers. If I don’t recognize numbers, or especially now that I do, I don’t answer.  They leave a message! Candidates usually lack the time or gumption to call you themselves so they have their friends find out if you like them.  I don’t even need to hear their voice, the silence on the line before they get rolling creeps me out.  If you don’t stay on the line long enough, they call back!

(C) Dimension Films

Every day between now and November it’s non-stop political junk mail that I toss aside to recycle.  I’m considering forwarding my mail to a political office for yucks.  I don’t care if they get our Boy Scout and Oprah magazines, they may learn things from Lifeclass or the Scouts.

I love living during historical moments such as Obama backing gay marriages. I’m incredibly frustrated by his timing having announced it the night before his huge fundraiser in LA!  It’s about time but what took so long? It feels so calculated to me and, in my opinion, cheapens the sentiment! If you disagree – it’s allowed. He’s not alone.  All parties’ candidates on all levels say whatever they think you want to hear. They heartlessly dig and bash the competition in such dirty, deceitful fights that even if I once liked them, by the end I want to choose nobody.

I don’t think all men or candidates are slimy. I will sort through the crap to seek out honorable intentions before I choose a decent person with whom I want to spend the next 4 years of my life.


I hate that my cats know that when I’m home, they must act like model citizens and walk on the floor, sleep in their beds, and not scratch the couch. Because I’ve returned home unexpectedly and the cats freeze from their tabletop perch hoping if they don’t move, I won’t see them. I’ve heard them sneaking booty calls with my kids’ stuffed animals and I wash my dishes before using them because my cat loves the coolness of the fry pan. This week, the rules changed!

Last week while it poured, I sat typing my blog. I put my foot down accidentally on a toy and reactively lifted my foot – it ran away! Somehow a big beetle crawled into our home and its size paralyzed me. Thankfully Moonshine cornered it and ripped out a corner of the carpet hunting it. Knowing Buggy’s time was limited, I left before the tell-tale crunch.

Moonshine the fierce hunter!

One week later I opened a kitchen drawer and Buggy, startled by the light, scrambled for darkness. AAH! Still alive and running loose in my cabinets, somehow it climbed up several feet! I immediately gave my cats full permission to do whatever it took – climbing in cabinets, patrolling pillows – leave no object unturned!

Tonight, my cat sat propped again by the kitchen cabinets anticipating some invisible enemy. I usually play along tossing a napkin before his face to see how high he jumps backwards. Tonight, however, I left him patrolling. He pounced! He only does that if he has something! I lifted my feet up off the carpet and tried to focus on anything else.

I noticed Moonshine sitting proudly looking at something moving slowly on the carpet. With the stunned bug, I leaped at the chance! I rinsed out my latte (don’t want this bug caffeinated or it’ll double in strength!) and used the lid to trap him in the cup. Much as I wanted to hurl Buggy, I gently placed him outside on a plant.

See him on the right? Still haunts me!

I minimized the creepiness by calling Buggy a beetle, but is this really a cockroach, EW?! Maybe the kids and I will tone down our Beatles obsession as it’s attracting the wrong sort of creepy characters!


I’m behind. For 2 weeks I’ve written posts after they’re due. Technically, I have not missed a day; but will catch up with one day and two posts. Nightly I’ve surfed for inspiration or handled family stuff only to be too exhausted when ideas sparked. Last night I went to bed resigned to wake up and write about the first thing to come to mind. It would be unfiltered and hopefully be something worth discussing. Then, it hit me…

Book after book, Julia Cameron gets me!

Before this blog, I did Morning Pages. In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron, heralds the practice of simply writing 3 pages, first thing in the morning, on whatever floats through your mind.

Wake up your creative self. It’s backwards from meditation I’ve tried in that rather than emptying your mind to remain centered, you follow anything wandering by. Isn’t the blog free-flowing? In editing and trying to make a “blogworthy” point, creative flow gets funneled and detoured. Pages open the dam so ideas flood through the gaps in one’s week! The book is only the introduction to living with your creative self.

Check in with the person who matters the most – You! The first thing I do in the morning is roll into my kids’ room relaying our daily plans by adapting that annoying chorus from Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. As the family leader, I need to check in with myself first. Pages allow me to purge my mind onto paper so I focus on what needs to be done that day without losing ideas.

Rewards off the beaten path After surviving crazy last week, that rolled right into this one, followed by another non-stop weekend, I couldn’t see past our plans. When I rerouted while searching for my Artist’s Way books, I found my long-lost Writer’s Idea Book! It wasn’t really lost, more buried in my bookshelf! Evenings trolling for blog topics will no longer be such a futile search!

What a treasure to find when I didn’t have my blinders on!

In one brief morning, Morning Pages brought me out of the brambles and back to the path. I’m relieved by the realization that I can’t ignore that part of me. I can’t blog and do Pages but commit to starting my day with morning bullet points!


She opened her eyes, simmering in the silence of her dark apartment.  Kicking the blankets off her ankles, the cool morning seeped into her bloodstream. The clock’s ticking jogged her memory of the calendar she must keep. As the fog lifted, the sound of water caused her to bolt up! She turned a bionic ear, afraid to cross the border of pillows to see what lied in wait for her!  Living in the only ground floor apartment meant anybody else’s plumbing issues become hers since, as is just her luck, it rolls downhill.  As her brain surged to squeeze the Comaquil oiled cogs, she recognized the rainstorm she’d been expecting.

After traversing the pillow mountain, she walked down the hallway, honed in on Mr. Coffee.  The floor creaked announcing her reentry to the land of the living, alerting her cats. Her grouchy old cat sat by the wall heater scolding,
“Turn on the heat!” He thanklessly curled into a ball when the heater clanked into action.
Her younger cat danced about with his huge inquisitive eyes and question mark tail,
“I don’t know what this means, but we’re surrounded! By WATER!!”  She rubbed his ears and he retreated to his bed protected in the deepest basement of his play structure. He covered his eyes with his tail and catnapped.

Tasting the coffee already, she blindly opened the fridge reaching for the coffee can and filters that sit side by side. The empty spot shocked her awake!
“Just my luck!” she cursed as her cold haze parted enough to recall the supermarket decision to buy green tea instead for her cold.  She stomped back to the hallway to retrieve a jacket to dress up her sicky uniform of sweats. In the reflection of a framed picture on her wall, the outline of a person with matted caveman hair walking up behind her scared her until self-recognition scared her more.  Gathering her hair into a black elastic band, she grabbed the keys, flip-flops and headed into the rain.

Thankful for others staying indoors, she made a beeline for the 7-11 counting down the seconds until her hands wrapped around a warm coffee.  From her perspective at the last red light standing between her and caffeine, she grimaced at the full parking lot. She scanned the street next to it for a spot, with no luck, noticing a collection of news vans. Making a mental note to check the headlines online, she silently hoped for nothing too crazy as this area suffered from a few uncharacteristically bad headlines recently. Her light and her luck changed and a spot right in front opened up!

She scanned the store from her car, planning her route to get in and out without encountering anyone she knew. The owner, now a friend thanks to her frequent visits, would forgive her appearance. The coast looked clear and as she entered without seeing a soul!  She pulled up to Coffee Paradise Island, rashly throwing any flavored creams and sweeteners into her cup. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the never-seen passageway to the inner workings of the store open and for a split second considered abandoning her coffee and fleeing if foul play were the cause of the empty store.  Vowing to boycott headline news, she continued without deliberating what combination of coffee to fill her cup to the rim.

She walked to the register, glad to see a second-in-rank smiling cashier waiting for her.  The owner then emerged from the back room tailed by the media. She whispered to the Vice Cashier,
“Everything ok?”
“We were notified that a winning ticket came from this store.”
“No way!  How exciting for you!”
“Did you buy one?”
“Yeah, but…”
“You should check it!”
“That’d be my luck to share my news with the world looking like this!”

He persisted so she retrieved the $1 ticket and stuck it under the scanner. The press and the owner, hearing the machine’s beep, stopped talking and leaned in eagerly. While waiting for the verdict, she grabbed a pen from the counter and signed the back of the ticket in case hell broke loose.
“Sorry, not a winner” flashed on-screen and everyone exhaled.
“It’s fun to dream!” she smiled and paid for her coffee.
“There’s always the Mega Lottery… it’s up to $241 million!”
“Alright, $1 quick pick please!”
“Good luck!”

NOTE: Since I didn’t make my 365 words Friday night, this made up for that plus interest – 730 words this morning!   Just a fun story as a result of too much cold medicine and not enough caffeine.


Many of my friends met amazing dates or awesome future-spouses online. Utilizing computers’ brains to define one’s heart presented uber-compatible matches. While I remained cautious about starting relationships for my kids’ (and briefly, my own) sanity, I wanted to make sense of the “playing field” at this stage of my life. I didn’t put the weight of marriage on each first date, but kept the big picture in mind. My girlfriends and I narrowed the pool down to four general guy groups. These didn’t reflect anyone we know, but this grouping made the most sense to us.

Bachelor Adam *sigh*

1) The eternal bachelor – ‘Til you come along! Suddenly you, the woman he’s waited for, glided towards him with your intoxicatingly golden aura, stole his breath and hooked him. PRO: You two could define “marriage” together with no habits to break. CON: Being a person who either lived by the seat of his pants, or lived with uninterrupted routines for years – would a romantic partner fit in?

Marry Me Again, or I’ll marry again…

2) The serial groom – Kept marrying the wrong girl while searching the world to find you! PRO: He loved marriage, settling down with and exploring life together as a couple. CON: Could be easily distracted or impatient. QUESTION: What magic number would change the number of marriages from “No worries” to “No Way!”?

Sharp dressed man

3) The career dude – Neither of the above, he put career before women to provide a stable foundation for any relationship. PRO: He prioritized well and thrived with increasing pressure and responsibility. CON: Could he switch gears to find more balance, not just all work all the time?

4) The Ross – “We were on a break!” Enough said, drama!

Once the men, passed the first round of consideration, one’s history qualified them further – especially for us single moms. When I joke to my friend that it’s uncomfortable to bring up background checks over cocktails, she laughs – working at the police station, she’s pulled that information after the first phone call.

Realizing that this kills the spontaneity and romance, perhaps speed dating would silence the “What Ifs’”. You could find the man of your dreams, or (as I’ve said before) worse comes to worst, a new business contact!

So true


At a school football game, the kids and I walked the short trip back to the bleachers witnessing giddy and devastated students based on whether or not Joe Bob smiled at them. I rolled my eyes and steered free of “Friday Night Drama!” In my 40’s, I earned the right to avoid drama and get on with my life. Unfortunately, on another Friday night, I found myself knee-deep in another he said/she said adult drama.

I will not call the parties out to rake them across the coals. That’s not my style plus the truth remains muddy. Let’s say, I craved a mud pie, one person assured me I’d get one but the pie maker flaked leaving mud-flinging adults.

Yay, Mud Pies!

I talked to all involved and got three versions. The first gal was empathetic, helpful, and concerned with resolving the situation – at least that’s the way it felt. The next gal – the manager?! – was snooty, defensive and trying to throw someone else under the bus. She was not interested in anything but getting back to her event – at least that’s the way it felt. The last gentleman in the mud pie triangle acted shocked yet tried to restore my good feelings – at least that’s the way it felt. Whether one truthfully cared about the situation is irrelevant. In that moment, that’s the way it must feel!

Simple but excellent customer service goes the farthest for your success. When people like or dislike something they talk about it online or in-person. Whether someone buys $3 Theme Park pencils, or $600 Italian leather invitation, leaving people with one negative impression requires a huge pile of kindness to make up for it – even more so when the mud pie’s online timeline suggests that they’d double booked. If someone called off the order, a message responding to my post on your page saying – “We have pie in our face, sorry we can’t make it.” could have helped.

Between the various accounts lies the muddy truth. PEOPLE, it takes less effort to be straight-forward and concerned about your business’ image than it does to flake then play clean up. K.I.S.S. – Keep it Simple Silly’s.


My mind couldn’t relax when driving on this side.

Today in Southern California, I drove on the wrong side of the road with other cars around.  I didn’t do it once, I did it several times all for the sake of researching forced creativity. Many articles exist on the benefits of changing or adding more to your routine to exercise your brain, extend your life and even ward off Alzheimers. With a 365 word limit, I’ll truncate their expertise to say that as with physical health, where flexibility and alternating workout muscle groups are monumental in a long life, the regions of the brain need to be exercised regularly for brain health leading to an extended, sound mind and body life.

You don’t have to solve a brainy challenge a day, simply navigate a new route while cycling, rather than driving, to awaken your creative right brain.  Brush your teeth with the opposite hand to fire up the opposite half of the brain. Freshman Psych 101 taught me that adding more senses to the note-taking process (write and read notes aloud, heck, use colored-sniffy pens if you fancy) thereby engaging more of the brain – increased our odds to later recall the info. Playing an instrument while learning book smarts builds new connections between your brain hemispheres. For extra credit fun, shut your eyes before entering your home tomorrow night.  You’ll force different senses to fire up, to avoid bruised shins, and your brain will get stronger.

Daily Brainy Calendar not necessary! K.I.S.S!

Truthfully, I broke no traffic laws and didn’t put anyone in the slightest danger.  However, my brain kept replaying the “What if I made a bad turn, panicked, wound up on the wrong side of the street with a car coming straight at me – how would I save myself?!” loop. The end-result of my overactive brainwaves was a topic for tonight’s blog 3 hours earlier than usual and the wherewithal to snap photos during one of many twisting laps. All this from accidentally wandering down a spiraling roadway created by airport urban planners who, perhaps, themselves may have benefitted from a change to their routine to fire up the creativity needed to pave a “simpler” path. Did I talk myself in circles?  What will you change up tomorrow?

Share your story & you may reach the one person who needed to hear it most.


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