Today being my baby sister’s birthday, when my other sister and I think of her aging, it reminds us that we do too – a bit. We instantly return to the decades of our youth remembering the crazy times we shared together or with our friends. The 80s still regularly weave their way into my world.

MIX MP3s – Before the digital age of music, we created mixed tapes as a sign of love, hate, lust – complex feelings best reflected in the angst-filled lyrics of the 80s. Newer cars don’t have cassette players so we load up music on our iPods. Between Adam Levine and One Direction you’ll find Boingo, Missing Persons, and Adam Ant recapturing my wild youth.

Pouring our heart and souls into bad recordings off the radio!

I still have a tangible response to “If You Were Here” which leads me to…

FAVORITE MOVIES – Who hasn’t spend their 20’s and 30’s (heck I’m into my 40’s) wishing for the last scene in Sixteen Candles to happen to them?

My favorite movie moment of all time!
Thanks to Faunboy for finding this photo!

I’ve loved reliving some of the “classic” films like Ferris Bueller with my kids – many will premiere in our home years from now because there were too many boobs flying around in the 80s. Right now I’m in hot pursuit of Weekend at Bernies for the comedy and the two leading men!

CLASSIC STYLES – Remember the original skinny jeans – your Jordaches? Who made a quilt out of your team jerseys? Whose high school uniform consisted of black ¾ sleeved baseball style concert jerseys and 501s?

It can be yours on eBAY! What is the value of our childhood?

Who still keeps these in the back of your closet waiting for the day that you can button the jeans again or that your jersey won’t look like a half-shirt over your belly?

NEVER BORING BOARD GAMES – I used to know a guy with the goal to purchase all of his favorite childhood board games. He hadn’t anticipated that many games stopped production so internet purchases became costly. I will only hunt for Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion game! With its vertical backdrop and spinning track, this game felt like a take-home version of the attraction!

For years I couldn’t find it anywhere, I thought I’d dreamed it up! FINALLY, someone has it!

Now, we must go Back to the Future so get your Flux Capacitor calibrated and take it to 88 mph.

Wait, did we figure this out correctly?

See you on the other side!

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