My inner tough-chick self hungered to see The Hunger Games to validate the feverish frenzy surrounding me. I loved the premise of kids sacrificing for another while making huge life-changing decisions towards their own futures. I got hung up on kids fighting to the death but went to see how this translated to screen.

WTF: With this, Fearless!

I gripped my seat constantly because the movie built upon itself so well. I found many great messages delivered by a great film with a kick-ass, intelligent, loving female character. I can’t wait to introduce her to my daughter later on.

May the odds be ever in your favor
This saying writes off most of the tributes saying, “You don’t stand a chance but we’ll pretend you do!” Katniss mentors teach her she’ll have to strategize and make her own odds. The saying reminded me of another famous saying but even the Force was of no value until Luke figured out how to manipulate it. She can’t rest on her laurels, nor rely on luck.

They just want a good show
Mimicking what we frequently see in the media these days, as long as good conflict and attractive players are involved, people become famous “winners.” While Katniss learned and followed the rules to ensure her victory, she did it her own way. Peeta stated, too, that were he to die, “I want to die as myself, I don’t want them to change me.” Turns out Katniss, who felt she was no good at playing games to win sponsors over, instead earned their respect.

WTF – Wearing the Flames
Photo Credit: Murray Close (C) Lionsgate

Hope… the only thing stronger than fear While Katniss may have been an underdog since she hailed from the poorest district that rarely produced winners for The Games, I never doubted she had the skills and ability to win. I only worried about the unknowns waiting for her on the battlefield. Still, she had hope and, even more powerful, love creating fierce determination to stay focused. Her power inspired the sponsors and worried the government. I loved that she appeared strongest when giving others hope.

What touched you? I know everyone else has seen this movie, so share!  Who’s ready to sign up for archery lessons with me?

WTF – With Two Fingers
Photo Credit: Murray Close (C) Lionsgate


We have a house guest! He’s got thick black hair and loves to eat… No, it’s not Elvis, it’s SPENCER! He’s our neighbors’ caterpillar! Caterpillars don’t really like to travel in cars at speeds up to 65 mph and although they won’t tell you, they get a little carsick. The family thought it best if Spencer sat out this trip!

I didn’t want to irritate him by sticking the camera in his face too much, so I got a close up shot elsewhere so you may almost see how handsome he is.

Handsome devil!

Here are a few cool things about Spencer. He’s black with barely noticeable streaks of orange. He lives on wood chips and soil, with a seaweed tree, and loves to eat leafy vegetables. If you feed him lettuce, he poops green. If you feed him red cabbage, he poops pink! It’s pretty much in one end out the other with him. I hear he’s nocturnal, but fortunately, he’s not very loud so besides the crunch of the lettuce leaves I don’t think he’ll disrupt our sleep.

Our first night we wanted to make sure he felt welcome so we wrapped him in Lauren’s blankets.

See him next to his lettuce?

Lauren read to him. His favorite page had a picture of his cousin the inchworm on it.

Spencer was smiling so big!

We talked to him about what it felt like to be a caterpillar, if the things we’d learned along the way were true. Were caterpillar’s chronically hungry? I’m now envisioning a rainbow of caterpillar poop as he progresses.

A whole new rainbow of foods!

Did all caterpillar’s lives revolve around becoming big beautiful butterflies? They think Spencer will turn into a beautiful moth!

Heimlich is one of my favorites!
(C) Disney/Pixar

With recent news on the effects of smoking or second-hand smoke on caterpillars, do they still feel the need to smoke while emitting short puffs of insults and riddles?

Whooo Rrrrr Yooooou?
(C) Disney

Perhaps he’s still warming up to us as he didn’t really answer one way or the other. Carson enjoyed having a sleepover.

Sawing logs and eating leaves

OK, kidding, considering their size difference and the violent nature of Carson’s sleeping positions, Spencer felt more at home on the highest bookshelf among the natural rocks, fossils, and gemstones and away from cats.

Protected in his element

We hope Spencer has sweet dreams of more adventures tomorrow!

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