April proved to be an amazing month for parenting, but not-so-amazing for blogging.  In my kids’ already compacted schedule, we added a Scout promotion, a scholastic reading contest, several musical recitals and amazing ball games to name a few.  The month yielded many highlights and challenges but as I entered May – with its exponentially increasing quantity of tasks as the end of school barrels towards us – I found that I’d fallen behind.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to right this write and need your blogger advice!

Please share your thoughts! How would you resolve this?

I’m determined to fulfill this year’s word count with at least 133,225 words.  If quantity matters most, I can double up on a few weekends to get caught up this month.  With each post taking up to 2 hours from brain spark to publish, most weeknights would not accommodate more than one amazing adventure – not a quality one anyway. My ultimate goal is to write posts people want to read.

I could restart the counter.  If I’ve teased this as “365 days of 365 words,” then any break would disconnect the chain obligating me to start over, would it not?  Do I need to rip off my 365 days blogging badges until I’ve passed a certain number of days that will allow me to “re-earn them?” I’m not married to the idea of voiding the 44,000+ words that I’ve crafted thus far.  Plus, that just feels a little harsh.

Do I get excused if I have a note explaining that I did the best I could but that when making the choice between family and blogging – I chose family?!  I wouldn’t feel right with an excuse because a) I made a commitment to the blogosphere and I am a woman of my word and b) I don’t let my kids get away with excuses, rather I try to set the example of adjusting to the flow of life – sometimes we wander along, sometimes we must run to get it all done – and rest afterwards.

I value your opinions, fellow wanderers. Please tell me if you’ve ever fallen behind on a regular blog and how you resolved this?

Share your story & you may reach the one person who needed to hear it most.


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