I’ve driven through town, rushing through lunch hour, wondering about people running behind strollers or heading to yoga. I assumed they married, divorced, or invested well, lied to their bosses, had a trust fund or worked from home. I wished out loud to switch places. My wish came true – I have loads of free time! I never included unemployed job-hunters in this shiny, happy bunch.

This week, job hunting annoyed me for the time span it has consumed and the drive span I’m limited to. I enjoyed being off in December, but am ready for what’s next. When I went to buy a winning lottery ticket, I grabbed a newspaper that held a great horoscope written to me. It acknowledged my wrestling with challenges and foretold that my week would include veils lifted, planets aligning, and serendipitous timing to change everything!

Since Friday was approaching, and nothing crazy revealed itself yet, I guessed the universe wouldn’t find me holed up with my laptop. I left, in search of answers and to test if the grass IS greener. After chatting with friends at school drop-off, the sun pulled me towards the beach Farmer’s Market. To be fully present, I sent two texts first.

Fresh perspective with a side of veggies

The crashing waves invaded my thoughts, while the blend of blue sky, brown crystals and salty air recalibrated me. I stared at the horizon’s curve, amused that behind me Americans rushed through their day while ahead lay endless possibilities! The endless waves hypnotized me while sun on my cheeks added a joyous glow!

I ran into more people there, and later at toy testing – another luxury when not working. Nobody whispered mystic words of “I have the perfect job and it’s yours to take.” What I found on “the other side” was changed perspective. I get stuck in routines, in my house, because of should-do lists. I fill the day job-searching or completing projects trying to prove something by finishing the list. Today’s lesson pushed me outside to feel the world’s vibrations and survey the horizon. I realized the list will always exist, it doesn’t matter how someone gets free time, just that it is relished! What lesson are you thankful for?


Morning coffee routine

Over coffee, my friend shared her online dating perspective with me, “When I show up for dates, if it goes well – fantastic! If not, then I have a new business contact.” I think she’s onto something.

As a current job-seeker, I’m eager, open to possibilities, and have a diverse background. I find myself torn between going steady with a reliable job or temping around. Plus, finding a job is very different now than when I first looked so I struggle with my approach vacillating between looking myself or using a service (don’t get me started on bar mixers).

For some companies I have created profiles detailing my positive qualities and hopeful work “must-haves.” Many limit your choices.  I post a friendly picture and if my profile has the key words that tickle HR’s fancy, I’ll get a “Wink” or “Joe Bossman is interested” email.  What I usually get are spammers who want money wired to their accounts immediately.

I primarily look myself, or trust my friends to set me up with something great.  I gather job listings and groom my resume to reflect what they are looking for hoping to land on top of the prospect list.  I never lie about my past, or change myself into someone I’m not to land a job, I simply speak their language.

At this cross-roads, I’m debating if I want a full-time, predictable job where I can build a foundation, grow together, have an on-going impact and create a long history.  I’d love the regular support of benefits, investment in my advancement, coupled with appreciation from their end of my faithful dedication to the company.

But get real, this is the 21st century.  Sadly, many marriages and jobs last only 4 years.  Living in a city where the possibility to freelance seems great (just a feeling, no statistic), perhaps I want the novelty of living for the assignment, constantly meeting new people, pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.  Aren’t we all more daring when we know that it’s short-term?

Hopefully, as with dating, the job will come when you stop looking and are least expecting it – since I’m blogging, not searching. What’s currently working for your search?

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