IN ONE WEEK: My kids and I will be walking with Team Hope to create a world free of MS.  
                                    Team Hope was started by my friend, Tricia Chandler, an amazing woman living with MS!  

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Odds are, with 2.1 million people currently living with Multiple Sclerosis and a new diagnosis every hour, we all know someone impacted by this disease – whether we know it or not. With this being National MS Awareness Week, this topic deserves to be lingered over a spell.

My first introductions to MS came via Annette Funicello – everyone’s favorite Mouseketeer – and Richard Pryor when they announced that they lived with MS. I immediately filed it under “Things to worry about when I get ‘OLD.’” 

Flash-forward to my 20th high school reunion in 2008, an evening full of rusty recollections and reconnections, I spent significant time with a friend who truly lights up any party. If not her smile, her energy draws you in and you want to go along for whatever adventure she’s on.  Turns out, her adventure is MS. 

Initially, her comedic candid yet casual remarks for what she lived with daily shocked me. But, her grace and honesty stood out and immediately inspired and educated me to want to do more.

The first 5 min. video was made by the National MS Society about 7 years ago briefly profiling Tricia’s moving fight as a young, single mom living with MS. I linked you to her page – perhaps too many steps in blogging etiquette – but I wanted you to get her perspective before watching it – and to browse her blog if you want to learn more.

The second 4 min. video briefly states the current statistics.  The number of people diagnosed leaped from 200 a week to 1 an hour in the past 7 years and today, there is no cure.

On the bright side, during the past 20 years, advancements with managing and living with the disease have occurred. Progress towards a cure, or with making lives easier for those with MS, comes with research. I’m not a scientist, but I can walk. 

Just by wandering with me today, you helped raise awareness and I am truly grateful for your company. 

If you want to do more…

Find an MS Walk near you!  or Consider a Donation in any amount to Team Hope – Tricia’s team – that I’ll proudly walk with on April 28th

If you live in San Diego consider joining us as a walker. If you don't, please consider donating even $1!