All day, everywhere we turn we are subjected to advertisements!  Nowadays, we pay to avoid ads, but I find them amusing! Naturally, with my affinity for mind wandering, I reminisced about the most influential ad in my lifetime (to me).

I grew up singing and wholeheartedly believing that “I’d like to Teach the World to Sing.”  While I still remember the lyrics of the original 1971 Coca-Cola ad, visually, the 1977 Holiday version lingers in my mind.

At my ripe age of 7, it was a comforting, unifying beverage that hugged the whole world.  At that age, when going from my side of the block to the far side of our block seemed like visiting another planet, it was hard to imagine people from anywhere else. The Coke commercial reminded us how wide our boundaries reach yet fostered intimate international connections with just one sip. A variety of people shared and translated this soda into many languages, which was code word for


This was reinforced everywhere I went. When I was fortunate enough to travel to China, Mexico, Greece, Russia, I believe all of them had Coca-Cola, and in some countries it was safer to drink than the water.


Refreshing and Delicious in every language!
Thanks to c7.co for the shot!

I moved a lot as a child, and I longed for the sense of community and belonging that I had to rebuild with every new school.  To me, it was a comforting thought that by drinking this beverage, I’d fit into their community with a seat at the international soda fountain.

I’m guessing a Norman Rockwell – Long time artist for Coca-Cola
For more Coca-Cola conversations, click on the photo

Now, let’s not discount the jingle…  I am a music nut and songs get glued in my head!  I remember song-lyrics or jingles better than anything I’ve been forced to memorize in school. The message was simple – sing it loud: We love Coke, Coke loves you!

Music to our mouth

Found on the Coca-Cola New Zealand Facebook page!

I tried to love Pepsi while briefly working for them yet I celebrated my kids’ milestone of their first soda with their own ice-cold glass Coca-Cola bottle.

I know part of the reason I often have a song in my head and a relentless belief in happy endings is thanks to Coca-Cola. Still working on perfect harmony…

[sip] Aaaah!

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What was your most influential ad of your lifetime?


As I spin through the musical genius known as the soundtrack for Grease 2, let me divulge to you how I longed to be Stephanie Zinoni singing her heart out from the top of the ladder about her Coool Rider!

Remember Michelle Pfeiffer in this movie?
Thanks fanpop.com for being a Greasey resource for fans!

I don’t care that she sang horribly, nor that this movie was extra cheesy.  It boils down to one thing.  Women, or at least I, have a weakness for guys who like to go fast on big, loud machines!  I don’t care how dangerous my rational self knows these machines are, my heart flutters when I hear a deep engine accompanied by a handsome driver controlling the beast.

Think this film was aw(ful)esome?? Check out Bob’s Bad Movie Blog!

Random revelation, right?!  Well, last night my adorably studious son (more like Michael Carrington), up past his bedtime, was about to retrace his report in pen – his third draft. I asked why he didn’t write this draft in pen to begin with and he said he wanted it to be perfect so he needed it to be erasable.  His drive, coupled with the 10 pm timeframe, led me to offer to retrace everything myself.  I didn’t research or rewrite anything, simply filled in the pen. Know that this isn’t usual either – we have a rep to protect!

Michael Carrington – did anyone ever see him again?!

For background noise, I watched the new season premiere of The Bachelorette!  Emily is a charming, warm southern belle whose first fiancé was a race car driver who was killed in a plane crash heading to a race.  I won’t even touch on the Brad season, he doesn’t deserve another moment of discussion.  So she’s back trying to find another true love.  Of course, for dramatic flair, or the fact that he’s adorable and foreign, a racecar driver lined up to start. I thought the most “real” moments of the show shared how nervous he was to tell her his living, knowing her past, and it was sweet that she had moments where her light shone through her very well-composed exterior when she talked about her love of racing.

Arie’s taken the lead so far as I’m concerned!
(C) ABC television group/Craig Sjodin

Of course now I’m hooked, and the Pink Lady in me wants Arie to win because of his need for speed and his big heart! I will live vicariously through her.

Pink Lady Emily kissing frogs before she gets her prince.

…and her!  Hmmm… Distant cousins maybe?!


After surviving the craziest few weeks that I can recall in our 11+ years together, plus faced with many fabulous events that collectively threatened to blaze through our weekend with the blink of an eye, a theme song entered my head and had me searching for an alley to hang out in Friday night. We dangled a bowling ball in our line of sight hypnotizing us to focus our eyes on the prize – the weekend!

You’ll live to bowl again…

Despite the disappointment of not finding our favorite theme song from the Grease 2 soundtrack on iTunes, Friday arrived and we earned it!

We’re gonna booowl tonight! We’re gonna booowl toni-ight!

Even now, still finishing errands before officially letting loose for the evening, we ate dinner first, and unexpectedly almost melted. Now that the deadlines passed and we slowed for a victory lap, time caught up to us like a huge weight that might anchor us in bed until we caught up on sleep.  The kids alternated with wanting to bowl or play video games at home – which requires much less movement.  I finally said, we promised to reward ourselves, let’s go, play one game and see how it goes.

ME: Magic B ball – show us fun without game controllers!
BALL: It is certain!

The smell of smoke, nachos and beer blasted us at the door.  We got our lane assignment, wedged between the Pros and the Happy Hour Hecklers.  Surprisingly, my son didn’t think of the number of feet that occupied his cool shoes before him.  Both kids loved that now they could dance like Michael Jackson.

We searched diligently for the right size thumb-hole and weight ball then got to our lane to find a magical assortment to choose from.

Somehow the gem-like bowling balls reminded us of Spencer’s multi-colored poop!

Lauren started off strong and stayed the most consistent with her skills landing the balls in the lane more quietly as the night went on.

Carson had a knack for splitting the pins, then managing to send the 2nd ball directly between the pins without touching any pins.

Once he learned footwork, he had more power and more fun!
What do you do for fun without being plugged in?

Despite his tendency, he actually got the most spares.  I warmed up slowly and my competitiveness – yes, even with bowling – came out and I tried to get a strike but struck out instead.

It’s a close game! Rematch!

We wound up playing two games, had a blast – way more fun than if we’d played the wii version!

Take one adorable girl and add a (hand-dryer) wind machine – instant supermodel!


My desire for everything Spanish grew to such proportions that I thought my ethnic other half might be Spanish. I didn’t know how else to explain the strong pull that the country had on me. I curiously sifted through my youth to see what I could explain it.

BOOKS: The story of Ferdinand the Bull, a bull who doesn’t realize his own strength and who prefers loving over fighting, taught me the lessons about towns uniting over traditions and being true to yourself, following your passion. Through the black and white drawings, I saw colorful flags flying at the bullfight, smelled the flowers in the lady’s hair, and felt shiny metal swords and even buttons on the matador’s coats.

One of my kids and my favorite books – to this day!

MUSIC: Bugs Bunny first introduced me to the Barber of Seville with humor, but the fact that Bugs took on such a strong presence while massaging the scalp of Elmer Fudd made an impression. The powerful exchange and pace of the music coupled with their large antics made it my immediate favorite – and I watched hours of Bugs Bunny on Saturday mornings, probably hoping to re-live one favorite clip.

I can’t pick a favorite part of this cartoon symphony!

FASHION: I’ve long been obsessed with the colors, fluidity and movement of Flamenco dresses, and matador fashions. Having the men show up for their national pastime in beautifully embroidered shoulder pads, with tailored silhouettes presents a whole new sport than the NFL shoulder pads I was accustomed to. The women’s intentional dance steps emphasized by flashes of color and flowing rich fabrics raised my heartbeat!

The ultimate, multi-level twirling skirts!

MEN:In college, a last minute fix-up to go to a concert, pinned me against the wall with one arm, looked deep into my eyes and in his amazingly seductive accent whispered “So… do you want to make luffff?!” For a split second I was transported to Spain imagining that the chill I felt up my spine was from new romance born against the ancient bricks of a medieval castle, not me scraping my back down cheap cinderblock trying to escape. In a different time and place, new doors of opportunity may open!

Is it the spicy food or something else, I feel a little flustered!

Thanks for wandering with me through my ultimate destination. What tops your list of the places you must visit?


Today being my baby sister’s birthday, when my other sister and I think of her aging, it reminds us that we do too – a bit. We instantly return to the decades of our youth remembering the crazy times we shared together or with our friends. The 80s still regularly weave their way into my world.

MIX MP3s – Before the digital age of music, we created mixed tapes as a sign of love, hate, lust – complex feelings best reflected in the angst-filled lyrics of the 80s. Newer cars don’t have cassette players so we load up music on our iPods. Between Adam Levine and One Direction you’ll find Boingo, Missing Persons, and Adam Ant recapturing my wild youth.

Pouring our heart and souls into bad recordings off the radio!

I still have a tangible response to “If You Were Here” which leads me to…

FAVORITE MOVIES – Who hasn’t spend their 20’s and 30’s (heck I’m into my 40’s) wishing for the last scene in Sixteen Candles to happen to them?

My favorite movie moment of all time!
Thanks to Faunboy for finding this photo!

I’ve loved reliving some of the “classic” films like Ferris Bueller with my kids – many will premiere in our home years from now because there were too many boobs flying around in the 80s. Right now I’m in hot pursuit of Weekend at Bernies for the comedy and the two leading men!

CLASSIC STYLES – Remember the original skinny jeans – your Jordaches? Who made a quilt out of your team jerseys? Whose high school uniform consisted of black ¾ sleeved baseball style concert jerseys and 501s?

It can be yours on eBAY! What is the value of our childhood?

Who still keeps these in the back of your closet waiting for the day that you can button the jeans again or that your jersey won’t look like a half-shirt over your belly?

NEVER BORING BOARD GAMES – I used to know a guy with the goal to purchase all of his favorite childhood board games. He hadn’t anticipated that many games stopped production so internet purchases became costly. I will only hunt for Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion game! With its vertical backdrop and spinning track, this game felt like a take-home version of the attraction!

For years I couldn’t find it anywhere, I thought I’d dreamed it up! FINALLY, someone has it!

Now, we must go Back to the Future so get your Flux Capacitor calibrated and take it to 88 mph.

Wait, did we figure this out correctly?

See you on the other side!


I suffer from an ailment common for women.  It strikes without warning and no vaccine exists.  It causes trembling, racing hearts, sweaty palms, hysteria, weak knees and passing out.  It’s Matchbox Twenty Mania! I’ve kept it under control, but tonight this Facebook post caused a flare up:

Cut another song for the new Matchbox Twenty album

and having a nightcap with Kyle. – Rob Thomas

I learned about Rob from a cool chick bubbling like a giddy schoolgirl.  I didn’t understand why she gushed over a guy that looked like anyone from my school. Nonetheless, when another pal asked me to attend an MB20 concert, I went.

Photo courtesy of Tanya Salvini – fellow fanatic!

Though far from their stage, from the first note, I fell into the lyrics written by this MAN and the energy and heart of their songs.

Here’s what sets them apart:

1)    The band are approachable HOT dudes – so normal anyone could land them!

2)    He’s a man who communicates his feelings well and often!

Thank you Will and Tanya for amazing shots!

3)    He’s married to a beautiful wife whom he adores! That adds meaning to his love songs. We love him in love!

4)    They’re confident, not trying to portray anything but themselves.

Smooth! Obviously my fave!

5)    They bring it on stage! Guys willing to give you their all and love it are HOT!

For more shots of the band, click on the picture!

I instantly became a card-carrying MB20 fan and hysterical behavior ensued.  I saw them many times with many people, so those years blur.

Here are some highlights:

1)    Attending an intimate show at The Troubadour! My friend and I were close enough to touch him!  Our screaming became immortalized when they released that show as an EP.

You can see my friend in the video, lucky girl!

2)    8-months pregnant, I took that EP to the Palace for their DVD release party!  I got all 5 members’ signatures and hoped to leave a vivid memory by giving birth to Roberta Thomasina there!

3)    Seeing MB20 Tape Leno: Left work early to attend Leno with MB20 performing – tantalizing trifecta!

4)    Took my son to their show for his first rock concert!

Thanks for the great shots Tanya!

This represents a slice of my Fanatic Fan years, but now I’m conditioning myself for the next tour.

Share your favorite band (MB20 or other) experiences in the comments  – I’m sure we’ll agree!



Numbers and I remain cordial. By accident, or my ethnicity, I usually score well on math tests. However, the more I think about numbers, the faster my head spins.

I started this blog for the daily discipline to write and to live the joy discovered by breathing life into creative tidbits that I wander across, then releasing them.

Numbers taunt me. From the first day, when the numbers passed a level high enough to show more than just my family read the blog, my mind created challenges. 1) Get 10 new readers a day/3 followers a week; 2) How fast will I get to 100, 1,000; 3) Does social media affect the outcome? My body viscerally reacts to numbers and as they grow, so, too, does my excitement! Add the touching, personal comments left by readers and I cannot stop! These people wandering with me keep me from being the nutball laughing alone at her own jokes.

Numbers milestones. I give myself a “Woot woot!” anytime my numbers feel great – when I’d hit a high score, then passed 100 readers and hoped to do it again that week. These numbers tickled me pink… UNTIL – I watched the first iCarly episode and on her fictional TV show their webcast got 27,000 hits their first day! I joked about it, but inside my self rattled a bit. The same week, I got a link to a video for Walk Off the Earth’s Gotye cover song that increases by 100,000 views per hour and is now over 65 MILLION views!

Number nonsense. I remembered advice I picked up somewhere: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, only worry about yourself and doing YOUR best! This phrase gets repeated to my son when he worries about letting his team down, or when my daughter tattles, “He didn’t do what you asked.” I remembered that I’m new to this blogosphere. I will learn, it may take time. The fact that anyone wanders through and that my numbers doubled in my second (shorter) month feels great right now.

Make personal goals, meet and celebrate them! Then, don’t forget to make a few new ones. What’s your next blogging goal – numbers or not?


My kids and I rushed home with a full agenda for the 90 minutes that we’d be home, but the electricity in the air sparked a magic moment that only happened because we slowed long enough to receive the gift. Driving home, I pitched my plan to do laundry while packing their clothes, dangling the carrot offering to let them to pick the carryout to eat in the car if they did a great cleaning their rooms. They usually balk at tight schedules but were excited to see their Dad and family, so they didn’t argue.

I let them hear the music I downloaded last night, including one unique song called “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. The song found me and takes me on a mental vacation. Its different opener sounds like cartoons tip-toeing into your world. The mood switches to 60’s space-age feel with some of the instruments and spread-out note combos. The song creates a beautiful sunset to their relationship in that you’re glad you witnessed it and look forward to the next one.

Sunsets are the best on the West!

Lately I’ve been trying to extend my son’s comfort zone to loosen him up! When I parked in our long driveway the song still played on my iPhone. I showed my interpretive dancing walk: stepping in double-slow speed to the beat of the tune. I’d step and the rest of that side would follow the wave of movement til my head leaned to that side, and repeat. I retrieved our mail one beat at a time. My son rolled his eyes so hard I heard them hit his brain.

My daughter caught up to me walking in step up our walkway. Out of nowhere she starts perfectly beating the back-beat of the song on her little plastic drum that just happened to be hanging from her neck. I got such sheer joy from the moment that my son became scared that something was wrong with me.

Pixar’s Tin Toy (C) Disney/Pixar

My exuberance may have set his progress back a bit but I loved the moment and couldn’t have dreamed up if I tried. If you see it in a scene someday, it came straight from the pages of my life.


I’m an all or nothing gal. I used to think it was a Gemini thing, then an oldest child thing, an Asian thing, supermom thing, now I know it’s a stubborn thing that needs to be obliterated – all or nothing! I feel the compulsion to cram as much as possible into the day.

When it’s too slow, I swear time moves backwards.

My single-mom exercise plan, training for marathons, crammed in as many miles in one day as my sister did in a week. Training with philanthropic teams meant I socialized, gave back and trained at once – sucker for synergy every time! After training for a half-ironman triathlon, I haven’t resumed training regularly again simply because I know I should, would love to, or go mental without it. I prefer jobs where I’m grand central station in a busy work environment to slow, quiet days. Fueled by Stellarbucks, I run as hard as I can til all that’s left to give is nothing. My rationale rationalizes that I’m cramming two parents into one so if I’m taking time away from family, then whatever I’m doing better be big or it wasn’t worth it.

Of course, this mentality commandeered my blogging too. It wasn’t enough to write 365 words a day, I started a blogging periodical collection, spent free time ignoring my book club, instead reading other blogs learning more complicated tricks to drive traffic to my blog, as well as juicy tips of the trade. Tonight I focused on one simple tip to assist me with writing – MUSIC!

Some musicians are more distracting than others…

My system to write at night, about a situation I wandered through that day, got somewhat sluggish. The spigot I tapped to let the creative juices flow got dammed by all the workday newness to absorb. For a while I would surf the social media and pinning boards searching for inspiration, but truly avoiding the fact that I still needed a topic. Tonight, I’m up against my midnight deadline yet again, but listening to music reminded me of how moved I am by it which yielded 3-4 nuggets to polish when significant. It got me to slow down enough to relive memories, listen to lyrics, and not do anything besides sway and occasionally snap my fingers.


My mind couldn’t relax when driving on this side.

Today in Southern California, I drove on the wrong side of the road with other cars around.  I didn’t do it once, I did it several times all for the sake of researching forced creativity. Many articles exist on the benefits of changing or adding more to your routine to exercise your brain, extend your life and even ward off Alzheimers. With a 365 word limit, I’ll truncate their expertise to say that as with physical health, where flexibility and alternating workout muscle groups are monumental in a long life, the regions of the brain need to be exercised regularly for brain health leading to an extended, sound mind and body life.

You don’t have to solve a brainy challenge a day, simply navigate a new route while cycling, rather than driving, to awaken your creative right brain.  Brush your teeth with the opposite hand to fire up the opposite half of the brain. Freshman Psych 101 taught me that adding more senses to the note-taking process (write and read notes aloud, heck, use colored-sniffy pens if you fancy) thereby engaging more of the brain – increased our odds to later recall the info. Playing an instrument while learning book smarts builds new connections between your brain hemispheres. For extra credit fun, shut your eyes before entering your home tomorrow night.  You’ll force different senses to fire up, to avoid bruised shins, and your brain will get stronger.

Daily Brainy Calendar not necessary! K.I.S.S!

Truthfully, I broke no traffic laws and didn’t put anyone in the slightest danger.  However, my brain kept replaying the “What if I made a bad turn, panicked, wound up on the wrong side of the street with a car coming straight at me – how would I save myself?!” loop. The end-result of my overactive brainwaves was a topic for tonight’s blog 3 hours earlier than usual and the wherewithal to snap photos during one of many twisting laps. All this from accidentally wandering down a spiraling roadway created by airport urban planners who, perhaps, themselves may have benefitted from a change to their routine to fire up the creativity needed to pave a “simpler” path. Did I talk myself in circles?  What will you change up tomorrow?

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