Call me weird, old, whatever, but I saw Titanic 3-D BEFORE The Hunger Games. My obsession started well before I met Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson. The hunger for Titanic was insatiable!

The fever started in fourth grade, as I dutifully worked through the SRA box.

What color did you get up to?

I found the tragic story of the Titanic and felt my first heartbreak learning that really bad things happen. I was immediately taken by the hope everyone held for this unsinkable ship’s maiden voyage that ended in a devastating irony. The SRAs taught more about catastrophic numbers of people than individual stories of those onboard the ship that disappeared.

Big ship, big dreams!
Photo thanks to TitanicUniverse.com

In my teenage years, I felt my way around life leading with my heart. Despite the distraction of horses and boys, when National Geographic shared that Titanic was found in recognizable pieces, I was fascinated by not just the discovery, but the spaceship-like pods that located the wreck. That may have been the first time I let my mind wander to the bottom of the ocean.

National Geographic has the best photos, then and now.
Check out http://www.nationalgeographic.com

More than 10 years later, the movie premiered. Say what you want about James Cameron creating two false characters when so many amazing true stories were on board, but Rose and Jack served the purpose of seamlessly traveling to all parts of the ship so you intimately got to know the Titanic and were just as unwilling to let go of the ship as you were Jack and Rose. Through their interactions with other characters, we received many more amazing and heart-wrenching stories from that trip.

When my ex suggested that perhaps I was so obsessed because I’d possibly been a reincarnated passenger, I stopped talking about my obsession out loud. I broke my silence when my son asked to have a Titanic birthday party for his 7th birthday after seeing a chilling exhibit about the Titanic on board the Queen Mary.

Captain on his ship

I revisited Titanic in 3D and although I could tell you all the scenes by heart, with costumes, I still worried that Jack wouldn’t be able to pull Rose in from the back of the boat starting their fateful journey. Now I can’t wait to see it again with my son.

White Star Line flag

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