Loved these!

Reading Choose Your Own Adventure books, did you choose first then live or die with that choice? Or, did you research then decide which way to turn? I’ve always lived with “what ifs.”  Some people assume that means I live a life of regrets. Truthfully, I live a life full of adventures with an over-active imagination. When I’ve nearly missed being hit by crazy drivers, cold chills ran up my spine, I counted my blessings as I pull away, then the “what if” scenario plays fast and furiously in my head.  I immediately extinguish that train of thought because I believe that whatever you put out into the universe gets reciprocated. Since my imagination pictures the worst, I don’t want to see that live. I heard another author saying that her brain operates the same way, so I don’t feel as mental anymore.

I’m talking more about those pivotal moments in one’s life – some affected by you, others not – that change your trajectory.  Remember that movie Sliding Doors – or was I the only person who saw it? That movie offered the unique perspective of seeing both possibilities in her life all based on whether or not she caught the train before it left and her boyfriend before he came.  In my life, I know a bouquet of significant moments come from my adoption.  In my parents’ lives, when my mother fled Europe as a child leaving her history to be smuggled out or when my dad left med school, dove into the music industry, dried off and returned to medicine.

There are smaller moments in day-to-day life – spending the last 2 days pinning things online avoiding writing; running up stairs at work today; eating a Cupcake’s by Joyce sweets tonight,and spending a Single Sistah’s (with kids) Valentine’s Day soon.

Why yes, I think I will…

The great thing about life‘s adventures is that when the adventure ends, victoriously or fiery, one may just pick up and start at page 1 again. Sometimes memory serves you well to avoid the same fate, sometimes you’ll get stuck in the same adventure. If you choose poorly, don’t beat yourself up, move on to the next adventure!  Please share one of your pivotal moments!

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